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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Moda Love - Day 7

Every year about the end of the first week in December, Pep takes the chainsaw or axe and along with Jake and whatever kids happen to be here, goes out on our land in search for the perfect Christmas tree.  

And they always find it.

Then, of course, we bring it in the house and decorate it.

This is our grandson Cullen helping ice green cupcakes for the tree decorating party.

This is the Santa he brought to help decorate for the party.

Of course there's no way a good grandma could pass up a chance like that.

This is "Santa's Tree Farm" - a Castlewood quilt made for Cullen out of his Santa.
You can order a pattern or a kit to make the quilt by clicking on the name.

But it's not quite Christmas yet (which gives us more time to make quilts) - it's still Autumn.

This is Autumn Kisses and Hugs and it's on special today only.  And we only have a couple kits left!

Now lets go see what everyone's doing.

Ann with Bunny Hill
Lynne of Kansas Troubles

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  1. Oh my god, It is wonderful. I just love this post, everything is quite interesting for party's decoration. Why not? I would like to order a kit to make the quilt.