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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day and Market pics at long last

Had a great Memorial Day Weekend - got to see all 8 grandkids, lots of good visiting and the weather was great until Memorial Day itself.  
My sister Nancy and I went to decorate the graves in our area with 3 of the grandkids.  We have a memorial in the garden as a touchstone for loved ones that have passed but who are too far away to visit.  I always put in a new flag each year and plant some new flowers besides Grandma Laird's iris.  I got the flag changed but the rain started before I got the flowers planted so I'll get them in in the next few days.   
Arriving home on Tuesday and getting the house ready for company on Friday hasn't left much time for blogging - or much sewing - but I've tried to do a little of both.  
So here are some of my pictures from Market.  You may have seen them all already, but if not, better late than never, I guess.  
I didn't have my own booth at this Market, but went with the Kansas City Star to help promote their 2010 BOM "Across the Wide Missouri" by Edie McGinnis and myself.  We designed it together and each of us is doing a version of the quilt out of the Brannock/Patek fabric line "Blessings".    Here we all are in the booth - Doug Weaver, Diane McClendon (yellow dress), me and Edie.
The theme of the Moda Booth this spring - Moda Duz it All - included awesome clotheslines with our quilts hanging from them.  Debbie Outlaw made my "Blessings Baskets".  I covet that clothespin bag.
Sandy Gervais booth was over the top as usual.  She didn't include the kitchen sink but she brought the stove.
Two walls in the Minick/Simpson booth.  I just love their fabric and didn't win the rug by Polly. Darn!  Kathy Schmidt won one though and she was really excited about it.  I'm just learning to email back on the blogs - sometimes I can do it, other times not.  I gave up and answered Polly's comments on my page about my Girl Gang jacket.  Many thanks, Polly in case I was too late for you to read it.  
Lynne's booth - Kansas Troubles latest line "Vine Creek".  I'm using some of her fabric in the 2009 Girl Gang - along with "Blessings", of course.
Lizzie B was across the aisle from us and got "Most Creative" booth.  Very nice ladies.  And the elves that live in their tree made great chocolate chip cookies!  I just finished the last one from the care package they gave each of us when we left.  Many thanks girls.  You meet the nicest people in the quilting business.
We made Doug Weaver of the KC Star an "honorary Girl" and here he is signing my Girl Gang jacket.  Mark Dunn of Moda is the other honorary girl on the jacket.  I have a lot of fun with it.
Kathy Dunn and Carolyn Moffitt from Quilting Passions shop in Hasting, MI wore their Girl Gang Jackets to Market and were nice enough to let me take their pictures.  I signed their jackets on the front.  If you're a Gang shop and haven't somehow gotten the patterns for the applique for the jacket (everyone gets their own jacket - either from the shop or elsewhere) go to the website and email Tara to send one.  They're free if you're a Gang shop and they're really lots of fun.
Well, that's all for now.  Time to go for my walk and then actually enjoy an evening with my husband.  He's a nice guy and I feel like I haven't really seen him for awhile.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Market was awesome as usual.  As soon as I recover somewhat will post my pics of Market in Pittsburgh 
but for right now - 2 days drive out there - 2 days set up - 3 days of Market - takedown and 2 days drive home
It's just good to be Home Again.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Hummingbirds are back

I haven't been to blogland for quite awhile.  And even tonight I only got to skim the blogs I follow - will have to wait to catch up when I get back from Market.  BUT....
1.  The quilts are bound
2.  The Girl Gang 09/10 quilt flyers are ready
3.  The yardage is figured for KC Star 2010 BOM and jpgs sent to Star 
4.  Latest Mini Quilt "Flags and Chickens" quilted, bound and kit pattern ready
5.  New secretary/girl Friday Tara working and adjusting (Barbara went to work for her sister-in-law.  Family calls!)
6.  The Fall fabric line "Looking Back" proofed and sent back to Moda
7.  Clothes ironed but not packed
8.  Applique ready to take with me
9. Celebrated Pep's birthday today and talked to all my kids and grandkids
The hummingbirds are back and the garden is really starting to bloom.  And I'm leaving for over a week.  
Wonder if I can enter the drawing for the hooked rug at Laurie's booth.  
Happy Mother's Day to us all
See you when I get back.