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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Almoooost Spring

But not quite!

Here's Dobby standing on the edge of one of the beds with Grandma Laird's (Audra's) iris.
He still can't understand why it's ok to walk on some dirt and not ok to walk on other dirt.
He's a pretty good boy though so he humors us.

Come May - or maybe April this year, this is what the iris will look like.
This September - even with getting ready for Market - I need to take some down to Max and Valerie's house to plant.  And since both of them are working full time and going to school full time, I probably ought to plant them too.
Cullen and Quinn can help.

This is my Audra's Iris Garden BOM.  
I know I'm getting ahead of myself but  since I'm already ready for Spring, I brought it down from the loft to put on the back of my chair.

And while planting things really wouldn't be wise yet, we can always do the flower thing on our quilts.
The pattern for Audra's is on sale 50% off until March 17th.  
To order one, click here.

And this is our Garden House Pillow - a smaller garden project.  
The winner of our kit is 

alas i do not get fons & porter on my local PBS but i like to make small projects as they are quick finishes and nearly instant gratification!
Sorry you don't get the show but at least you will get the kit.  
Please email Tammie at or call her at 816-632-7632 and give her your shipping information so we can get your kit out to you.
If you weren't lucky enough to win the kit, you can still have one by clicking here.
Happy quilting and have a great St. Patrick's Day. :)
Patek is Czech but Laird is Scotch/Irish, you know.