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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

And It's Still Snowing...................

This is Deuces, Pep's cat, early this morning.  Pep yelled out the window and told him that his camoflauge wasn't working.  

Our house is shaped like an H and the birdfeeders are in the center between the back part of the H.  We have 3 feeder stations - the big bench clear out where the big birds and the deer feed, a medium sized station to the left side ,

and on the right side, up close to the house is a station for the small birds.  Guess where all but the biggest birds were this morning.  :)  Deuces finally gave up and came inside.

Spike and Hunny were already inside.  They ran out to go potty and came right back to the door.  Especially Spike.  That snow is really cold on your tummy.  Spike just isn't very high.

Here's our 3rd "Little House" coaster.  For a chance to win a kit for all 4 coasters, including the floss, go back 2 posts and leave a comment.  I'll draw for a winner on Friday.

This came in an email from White Flower Farm today.  Oh my!  Of course my yard never looks like this even when there isn't snow but one can dream.

Or make a quilt.
This is our Spring Has Sprung wallhanging made out of Audra's Iris Garden.  You can get the pattern or the kit by clicking on the name or here.

Now you need to hop on over and see two of my other favorite sisters, Minick & Simpson.  They just had time to participate in our Hop before leaving for France to be in Quiltmania's big Festival in France.  I'm sure they'll have an awesome time.

 Then go see what Pat Sloan has in store for you 

before hopping over to see one of my all time favorite people

 I dedicated one of the patterns I'm introducing at Spring Market to Sandy and her husband Bruce.  They have always been such nice people, helping us in ways too many to count.  But don't tell her, it's a secret.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter Storm Rocky

I thought "Rocky" was a flying squirrel.  I don't know exactly how much we got but it was a lot - 8-12 inches) and it's still lightly snowing.  Needless to say, everyone here is inside.

I put a lot of feed out for the birds last night and they have gotten to it.  There isn't any snow on the feeding bench - just bare wood with a few seeds.

This is the center block for our new Featured Fabric BOM that starts in March.  It's called Spring Break.  You can see a Sneak Peak of the quilt on the right side bar.  Anyway, I was working on it this morning which looking out the window and watching it snow.  We really do need the moisture (we were 20 inches behind normal before the last snow) so it's hard to gripe but it does make one long for Spring.

This is Softly Comes the Spring  made out of Audra's Iris Garden - just love that purple star.  You can get the kit or the pattern here.

Then hop on over and see our 3 great designers for today......

our very own Lisa from Primitive Gatherings

Malka Dubrawsky with her awesomely intense color 

and my favorite sisters

Meanwhile, I'm off to refill bird feeders - if I can get there.  :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Better late than never.

And we have another winter storm moving in.  The girls (Tori, Falisha, Kelly) weren't able to get here Thursday or Friday and neither was UPS.  So we spent all morning today getting everything together to ship out.  UPS did get here this afternoon so if you ordered things last week, they probably went out today.  Its probable that no one will be able to be here again until maybe Thursday so there will be a mad scramble again then.

I think people have been praying for moisture.  :)

Speaking of praying, Hunny is home safe and sound.  A lot thinner but here.  All of the other dogs have had their booster shots but the doctor said she shouldn't be around them much until Friday.  I took her for a long walk and let her play.

When we came in the house she ran and got in her kennel.  Usually we leave the door open but she spends most of her time in there anyway.  Her kennel is in the room with my computer and next to the chair Spike sleeps in most of the time.  He has sleep apnea and sleeps most of the day sitting up in the chair with his head propped up on the arm so he can breath better.  Pep says he needs a CPap machine.
He'll have his surgery in a month or so.

Now to the really important stuff.......who won what.

The winner of the Fat 1/4 Bundle is Christy Stahnke who said
"Any old comment, hee, hee, hee"

And the winner of the "My Favorite Color is Moda" Bundle is Jane who talks about climbing roses.

Both of you please email Tori at and give her your shipping information.  Hope you have fun with them

Here's my 2nd Little House Coaster.
Again, make a comment, any old comment (hee, hee, hee) and we'll have a drawing Friday to see who wins a kit for all 4 coasters.

Meanwhile ........"the hop goes on" (sung to the tune of "the Beat Goes On" - showing my age again)

and you really need to go visit my friends


Awesome designers, every one!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Welcome to Day 5

 I can't believe it's been a week already - how time flies.  And with the blizzard up here days are full since we have critters to take care of - not as many as we used to but some.

Here's my first finished Little House Coaster made out of an Audra's Charm Pack.  I really like it.

And this is my Moda Friendship Block.  I really like it too.  My comment yesterday that I hadn't pieced it was made because it wouldn't have looked this good if I had pieced it.  I learned to piece way back when the dinosaurs roamed.  We made templates out of cardboard or manila folders, drew around them on the back of the fabric and with right sides together, sewed the block together stitching on the line.  We don't do things that way any more and I just never have adapted since I do so much applique.   Showing my age, aren't I? 
Thanks to Moda, the pattern for my block can be downloaded from here or by clicking on the words above.  Thanks Moda Lissa.
I think I'm going to make my little block into a small pillow for my couch when I use one of the bigger quilts.  Red binding, don't you think.  Maybe I'll do that this weekend since I'm probably going to be mostly at home.  It's supposed to snow again Sunday.


Our birdfeeders this morning.  Jake said we seemed to be a bit popular.  :)

This is Birds, Berries & Baskets  made out of Audra's.  You can probably see why birds figure in my quilts so much.  Baskets in my quilts are a symbol for quilting, stars & moons for God.  And of course the pineapple for hospitality or friends.  God, nature, quilting & friends.  Along with my family, of course, a nice life.

So, now I have a quilt for my couch or wall and a little pillow and coasters to match.

I know I'm probably prejudiced because I have worked for them for so long but I think Moda is just the best!.  They produce the best fabric in the world in so many varieties.  And then they work hard to make sure the shops and general public have almost as many ideas on how to use them as there are people.  

On that note we need to hop on over to see what our designers for today have in store for us.

Kari from French General

Lynne from Kansas Troubles


But first, if you didn't comment yesterday, go down and comment for a chance to win my goodies.  Come back Monday to see who won.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Audra's Iris Garden

This is Audra's Iris Garden my new BOM made out of the fabric line by the same name.  

Audra was my Grandmother Laird, my father's mother.  When my father died when I was 8 my mother and we 4 kids moved to Kansas City to be near my father's parents.  We lived for a year with Grandma and Grandpa Laird while our house was being built.  This quilt is full of memories of my grandparents and the year we lived with them. 

When my mother moved into her house Grandma Laird brought some of her iris and planted them on the south side of the house.  Years later when my mother moved to Cameron and we sold the house, we put it in the contract that we could go back in August and get some of the iris bulbs.  Here they are in my garden - Audra's Iris.  My sister Nancy has some at her house too.  This fall some will go to Max's house.  Each child and grandchild will get some as they establish permanent homes.

Here is my Friendship block.  First of all, I didn't piece it, thank heavens.  Wendy Karr pieced it and did an awesome job.  I did applique the Little House  in the 3" block in the center.  I am not a technogeek and can't figure out how to get things to download.  Lissa at Moda sent me a link but when I click on it it says I have to have Adobe which I already have - but it won't open the page.   If you want to put a little house in yours email me at and I'll send you a pdf of the block and of the house. I should warn you that we're in the middle of a blizzard and electricity keeps going out - and the internet with it.

I must say this block has given me nightmares.  Moda does such a good job of coming up with these projects for Schoolhouse and the Blog Hops.  My problem is that I don't piece - I do applique.  Piecing is so much easier to get on a recipe card or a booklet page.  So I have been wracking my brain to come up with something to do with this very complex pieced block.  My poor husband got to listen to me moan.  

Finally he said -  don't do anything with the block - do some applique.  He's always so practical.  If you'll come back tomorrow I'll show you the finished coasters I made with an Audra's Charm Bundle and a 5" Little House block.  And maybe I can give you a pdf of the instructions.  If not, I'll send it to you.  I usually don't like the word "cute" applied to my things, but aren't they "cute".  And so practical.  I need new coasters for spring.

Now for some more practicality - Goodies.  I have a Fat 1/4 bundle of Audra's Iris Garden so very nicely provided by Moda.


And I have a copy of the Moda book with all of the Friendship blocks and some of the mini charms.  Some of the pages are signed by designers. 
I ran around getting signatures from most of the people who were there.

Anyway, make a comment, any old comment between today and Monday and we'll ship them out to you if you win.  

And after you comment be sure to hop over and see

Joanna of Fig Tree


to see what they're up to.

 Good luck.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snowstorms are a comin......

This is what it's supposed to look like tomorrow morning - only worse.  Up here 6 to 12 inches.  My oh my.  So today we're battening the hatches around here because getting in and out won't be an option.

So meanwhile thoughts of spring are distant but pleasant.

This is Baskets & Beeskeps, a quick and easy little quilt.  If you live around here and have the pattern you could probably get it done while you wait for the maintainer (snowplow) to dig you out.  :)

And since time is so short today I'm leaving Flower Patch on sale for another day.  No time to go through the kits - grocery store, animal feed,  check out snow melt & show shovel, everything tidy and snug.  And lots of handwork to get ready to do. 

That all taken care of I will join you in hopping over to see what our 3 designers for today have in store for us.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Day Late.........

  I awakened yesterday to a very sick dog.  I spent the day at the doggy hospital with Hunny and then checking on everyone else to make sure shots were up to date.  Apparently Hunny's breeder hadn't kept up on the puppy shots.  We were all due to go to my vet/my brother in Springfield at the end of January to take care of everything but he left us suddenly.  Yoda, Zoie's Japanese Chin, will go in today for his update but Spike is taken care of and the house is disinfected.  In fact it was disinfected twice as I used Lysol before I took her only to find that Lysol won't take care of the Parvo virus but Clorox will.  Hunny is in the hospital on IV fluids and antibiotics and so far is holding her own.  Prayers would be appreciated.

And I do hope you got to find your way to 3 great designer's blogs yesterday.  Each day 3 of the Moda Designers will have the Friendship block they designed on their blog as well as lots of free goodies.  At the end of the Hop the Moda blog will have a layout to put all of the blocks together. 

Yesterday the featured designers were  Barbara Brackman, Basic Grey and Blackbird Designs. 

And today hop on over to see 

Bonnie of Cotton Way,  Brigitte of Zen Chic, and Anne of Bunny Hill

Our line that has shipped to the stores in January is Audra's Iris Garden and this is Charming Posies made out of the line - 3 Charm Bundles and some yardage.  We offer it as a pattern and a kit.

And each day I'll have a kit on special for that day only.  

This is Flower Patch - the pattern is in Country Quilts for your Soul - I need to tease Carol next time I see her - the quilt is pictured sideways - I just noticed that :).  Anyway, I like their picture better than mine - the color is better, go figure.  We also have a very few kits left.  

Pep and I get each other Amaryllis bulbs each year for Valentines Day.  They're growing well but not blooming yet of course.  I am ready for some flowers!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day! -

May your day be filled with people and things that you love.

This is Heart to Heart.  I'm having Girl Gang in the loft tonight (Pep has to work - besides we have the other 364 days to share love with each other too).  Anyway,  this little quilt will be on the table with the cookies.  

We're doing Pine Tree Ridge this year.  Speaking of love - I love this quilt!

Meanwhile the chicken soup is on the stove for dinner and the oven is heating to bake the cookies - Pink Lemonade cookies, no less - from a mix.  Pep's the chef, I'm a cooker.  :) 

We're starting with Block #1, of course.  The house as you can tell, is pretty big to applique.  And since I've been doing this for a year or two, I've conquered the problem of getting large pieces appliqued to the backing without bubbles and buckling in the background.  So come join us if you can. We meet the 2nd Thursday each month between 6:00 & 8:00.  You can email Tori at for more information.   If you live a couple of hours away, we have some really nice, reasonably priced motels in the area.  I'd offer overnight stays but my bedrooms are pretty full with grandkids n such.
Right now I'm in the middle of designing patterns for Spring Market but as soon as I finish I'm going to see about doing some small tutorials on applique tips.

This is Coxcombs and Pomegranates.  Someday I'll have a better picture.  It is awesome, even if I do say so.  

I took some close-ups in the house so that you could see the quilting.

Lori outdid herself - but then she always does.

I don't know if we have any kits left but if you want one you can email Tori and check.  And now I get to sit and sew the binding on - my favorite part.  If you got the BOM I think we forgot to send the binding with the border and sashing so we'll be getting it out to you asap - no charge for the shipping of course.

Coxcombs & Pomegranates is the Christmas quilt for my bed next year.  And now I can't wait for Christmas......... well........almost.

This is the beginning to the FF 2013 BOM - Spring Break - 98" x 90".  Can you tell I don't like to do the same thing  twice?  Cost is $27.50 a month including shipping - borders and sashing extra.   Space is limited - sign up soon (if you belonged last year it's automatic renewal unless you tell us you're opted out).   Did I already post this?  I can't remember.  Well if I did, it bears repeating.  :)

Keep quilting.


Friday, February 8, 2013

Signs of Spring & a new Class

First let's talk about Spring.  This is Baskets and Beeskeps made out of our new line Audra's Iris Garden.  The fabric should be in your local quilt shop as we speak.  The kit is  going to go out to our Mini Quilt Club members soon (they get a 15% discount so call Tori at 816-632-7632 if you want to join).  Anyway, it's just so yummy looking right now and so dreary outside that I thought I'd put it on the blog so I could look at it.  I may even take the Snow Guys down from the back hall and hang it up.  

Probably not until the middle of March though - which would give you plenty of time to get one made. It's very quick and easy.
Most of my quilts take a little time and effort but I like a simple one once in awhile.

And speaking of quilts that take a little time, this is Pine Tree Ridge.  
I really like this quilt - I like it so much that I'm going to teach a BOM class here at the farm each month up in my loft.

We'll meet on the 2nd Thursday each month from 6:00-8:00 starting February 14th.  The seating is limited and the class is mostly full already but we do have a few openings.  So if you want to join us call Tori at 816-632-7632 or email  
The cost is $25.00 a month which includes the pattern and fabric for the blocks each month.  The border fabric will be a separate charge.
And ladies, I do live in the country.  If you do not like gravel roads (can be dusty and muddy), or animals or you can't climb stairs well, this isn't for you.  
But if you live close enough and you're a country girl at heart - love the peace and quiet and sense of space (although we're usually not too quiet when we meet) - well, then come join us.  We'll sew and talk and even munch a little :)
And if the class is full when you call, we'll put you on a list for next year.  

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Superbowl sale

For those of you who do not know it, I am a football fan.  And I am going to sit and stitch my way through the Superbowl.  Unfortunately our beloved Patriots are not playing this year but it should be a good game anyway.

This is Brian Jr., Brian's oldest son.  He is a consumate Patriots fan.  

For Christmas I made  him a football quilt.  I can't find the picture of the quilt, dang it but here is one of the blocks.
I'll show you a picture of the quilt later. 
Right now I'm going to watch the game.

But for all of you who do things other than watch the game 

we're having a Superbowl Sale.

15% off everything on the site.  Tonight only.  Just type in the Promo Code superquilter

And if it doesn't work for some reason, just leave a note in the comments section and Tori will refund your 15%.

May the best team win!