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Monday, May 2, 2016

We kind of missed April ....................

A lot of it was spent going back and forth to Kansas City.
Since Pep works at a hospital there, that's where we go when he gets sick.  He was having trouble breathing one night so we made a trip to the emergency room..  They liked him so much they kept him.

Then Tammie decided that he couldn't outdo her and she got sick too.  Both of them were off work for almost 3 1/2 weeks and that left Rosie and I to hold the fort.  Even Rosie was off for a week.

I didn't get sick - Yay!  
But boy was I busy!!!!

And a lot of it was fun.  
April must be "visitors month".
My first visitors were Margaret and Mark Lehmann from Poland - really delightful people.  They brought me this awesome Polish pottery and Mark was fond of Zoie's monkey hat when he was in the loft.  
We had such a great time chatting about quilts and fabric.

My Fern Hill Precuts came along with the yardage for the quilts I was making.

The  border and corner of the Fern Hill BOM,

Bits and pieces of Holly, Jolly Christmas

and a corner of Pumpkins and Pinwheels.

Rosie and I found some time to work in the garden - Pep's Swiss Chard got planted along with the Romaine Lettuce, and pepper plants, cucumbers, corn, pole beans along with some flowers - impatiens, phlox and salvia.
We could cut and package the Mystery Quilt kits but it's been ages since I ran the office computer and too much has changed.  We needed Tammie to do that and she was busy being at the hospital getting IV antibiotics for 14 days.
She said to tell you all that Blocks 2 & 3 will go out together this month.

Back to the visitors - 2 sets of Missouri Bluebirds came to the feeders - the second set are on the ground under the bench.  They are so beautiful.  
I wonder if I can get Moda to get me fabric that color of blue.  :)

And one morning about 6:00 after it had rained most of the night, Dobby started barking and barking.  When I looked out the window there on the front Porch was another visitor - a totally soaked cat, his long hair all matted and full of ticks. He was VERY hungry.  
I won't talk about people who dump animals out in the country because I don't use that kind of language on my blog.
The cat's name is now Rufus and he is pretty much a kitten.  After a $250.00 trip to the vets, he has settled in nicely (without the ticks) and shows no inclination at all to want to go outside again.
Here Sunny (our Sun Conure) is telling him that he's not welcome in his house.

Luckily applique is very portable.
After the Fern Hill tops went off to Lori for quilting, the trips to the hospital and doctors offices were filled with American Eagle - getting ready for Memorial Day and the 4th of July.
You can get a kit by clicking here.

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Meantime - 
Keep quilting ladies.  :)