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Thursday, January 27, 2022


Starting the day with appliqué

Part of the rooster block on Down on the Farm

And speaking of roosters here are Sheran's family
enjoying bits of frozen pumpkins

while Sheran is in the nest sitting on eggs.
I want it to be Spring but it's a bit too early
for baby chickens, Sheran.  

We have a ground surface heat pump but 
when it gets down to 28 we augment it
with wood heat.

We bring wood in from the woodpile and
Pep starts a fire in the woodturning stove
in the fireplace about 4.

Once the fire gets going, it warms up the brick
surround which retains the heat

and we can sit and watch TV while I stitch.

Elizabeth and Sam-I-am tend to slip into
my bedroom and doze on the bed until
the fire gets going and warms things up.

And we're all pretty sick and tired of the cold - 


we decided to put a summery quilt

on sale this week.  

this is "Spring Break" BOM

and you can get the pattern for 20% off by

going to the store and clicking 


We're getting pretty close to February when I'm

supposed to hear about Blockheads 4.

So have a good week and Keep Quilting.


Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Happy Blockheads Wednesday

We're getting a lot closer

to Blockheads 4

Moda told me I'd get all 

the information in February. 


Starting the Day with Applique -
working on the winter Tablestand quilt.
It still needs a moon and 2 stars but
I'm getting there.

This is my bird feeder out front.
I can sit in my chair and stitch and watch
the birds.  I've been trying to get close enough
to get a good picture of all the birds but I just
can't get one.  I've even tried without the help of
Elizabeth and Dobby but I still can't get one.  

I finally gave up and bought a redbird to sit on
the front porch.

Dueces is Pep's cat.  Here they were in 09.

And here they are now.  He's still a handsome
fellow - the cat and the husband.  :)

On sale this week is the 
"I can't wait until Spring"
Tablestand kit.

In case I didn't mention it last
week, our Vintage book for January 
is Say it with Flowers for
50% off.

You can get the Tablestand kit
and the vintage book
by clicking here

Tammy is sick this week so shipping
may be a little slow but it will get there.
Say a little prayer for her.  
Jeff was sick last week but he's OK now.

Have a good week ladies.
Stay warm and covid free.