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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Yet another tutorial for a mask

Here's the link to another tutorial for 
an easy mask to make.
To watch the tutorial click here.

Once again it calls for elastic which is in short supply.
So instead make bias ties by cutting four about
10" x 1" pieces of bias, fold each in 3 lengthwise and stitch.
Then sew a bias tie to the top and bottom
corners of both sides of the mask

Don't forget to scroll down to yesterday's
post to find out how to get a chance to
win a kit for the Spring Tablestand 
quilt - "Bird and Urn"

You can make a comment about spring
under both posts.  
I'll compile them all and have Random
Number Generator pick a winner.

Blockheads 3 - Block 11 and Masks, masks, masks

Blooming Love
by Robin Pickens

You can go to her blog
to download the 
pattern by clicking here.

And this is the back of my Spring 
2020 Tablestand Quilt.
I don't know about you but I
am definitely ready for Spring.

Lets have a drawing for a free kit for
the Bird and Urn Tablestand quilt.
Make a comment mainly about how
you're over winter and ready for Spring
and next week I'll have the Random
Number Generator pick a 
winner for the kit.

Meanwhile we're making masks 
one set for Cameron City Hall workers
and one set  for hospital friends in California.

These are the ones Terri is making for City Hall.


                          This is Jenny Doans pattern and instruction tutorial. 
Missouri Star is right down the road from us so
I called and asked Jenny if I could post her tutorial and she sent me the link.

                                  How to make an easy face mask that's washable and reusable with spare fabrics...

We can handle the masks for Cameron but could 
use some help with the ones for California.
Use any fabric you have - you don't have to just use mine.
And I forgot to add that Jenny said elastic was hard to
get now so we made bias ties instead.  Just cut four about
10" x 1" pieces of bias, fold each in 3 and stitch.
Then Stitch a bias tie to the top and bottom corners of both sides of the mask

Lots of people from the Blockheads Facebook group 
have been wanting another pattern each week.
Ladies, instead, make some masks, send them to me 
and I'll forward them to Sherril.
Sherril is the daughter of my very good friend
Sue Babcock who was my Matron 
of Honor at our wedding.  
Sherril emailed last week to see if I could make masks for her
husband and nephew who are health care
workers in California where masks are in 
very short supply.

We're all in this together ladies - lets all do what we can to help.
My address is 10170 NW Last Dr.
Cameron, Mo. 64429

Meanwhile Lets go see what the other
ladies have done with Robin's block.

See you next week and
Thank you in advance.


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Blockheads 3 - Block #10

by Stacy lest Hsu

You can go to my blog 
to get the link to download 
here pattern by clicking here.

So.....besides being on the computer
seeing all the latest Blockhead 3 blocks
what are you doing today? 
My sister Nancy and her dog Molly have 
moved in with us for the duration and 
we are all self quarantined.  Jake is in 
Dental School in Kansas City and is 
having online classes.   Zoe is 
having online classes to be a VetTech 
while also working at an Animal Shelter.  
Luckily for us she lives in Cameron.  She and her 
significant other Tristan have been going 
to the grocery store for us. Thanks muchly guys.

Tammy and Terri come to work or work at home.
If they come to work the 2 of them mostly stay 
in the office or the loft and we all communicate 
by phone or email.
And we can't forget Jeff - our one and only Jeff
who takes care of all of the outside animals 

My son Max who normally is 
a server at a restaurant in Kansas City and 
who is currently self quarantined 
with his 13 and 14 year old
out of school sons suggested
that we have a "Quarantined Sale" 
to give people something to do.

Well, that's what is keeping us at home and busy.

This is "Spring at Last" - 
our Quarantine Sale item.
You can buy either the kit 
or the pattern to make your 
very own by clicking here.

This was the view out my kitchen
window yesterday.  
We got an email from the Humane Society
saying that pets and animals couldn't 
carry the virus so we let her eat with us. :)

There is another doe behind the tree but
I couldn't get them both to stand for
a camera shot at the same time.

So much for chit chat.
Lets go see what the other
ladies have done with Stacy's block.

See you next week. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Blockheads 3 - Block #9

by Vanessa Goertzen
of Lella Boutique

You can go to her blog 
to download the pattern
by clicking here.

 I just love this block - it almost makes
me wish I did lots of piecing.

This is my mother's Singer sewing 
machine sitting in our barn
waiting for our granddaughter Zoie.

My sister, Nancy is moving to assisted
living and she told Zoie to come and see
if she wanted any of her furniture.
This sat in our living room in Kansas City (Mo)
for years.  In fact I was sewing on it when
Pep proposed to me.  Lots of good memories
to pass on.  My mom didn't quilt but she was an
excellent seamstress.  I particularly remember an
outfit she made one year.  It was a purple sheath dress
with a purple tweed full length coat to go with it.
Maybe she passed the purple gene on to me.  :)

Lets go see what the other
ladies have done with Vanessa's block.

See you next week. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Blockheads 3 - Block #8

First. I'm not at all sure why I did this.   
I scheduled this for March 11th at 12 AM/.

by Laurie Simpson.

To download the pattern
go to her blog by clicking here.

It has been a hard two weeks.
Week before last pep's brother died.
His name was Keith Byron Patek
and he was 4 years younger than Pep.
Keiths son, Jewell lives near Jeff City
but still took care of everything.
Keith was buried in Chillicothe with
his parents Byron and Eunice.

And my sister, Nancy has the beginnings
of dementia.  Her daughter-in-law and granddaughter
live 4 hours away and her sons are dead so she
 and is moving into assisted living
in Cameron tomorrow.  Her dog, Molly, can't
go with her so she's joining us.  Nancy will come
and get her every day but she will spend
nights with us.

And to make life more interesting I
finally found time to go to the
doctor yesterday for the pain in my left
foot.  It seems that I have severe arthritis.
Even with new shoes with supports I can
only walk on pavement - a thing that is in short
supply in the country.
So I'm getting a new toy to take me to the barn.  :)

Jeff will be feeding the wild birds and
the chickens for me but this way I can
still get to the barn to feed Muffin Kitty 
and to the loft to pick out fabrics and sew.

Speaking of work our Vintage books
this month are a "2fer".
Two books for the price of one.
I'm sure I'm pushing things a little
but I am really OVER snow and winter.
this month you can get both
Patchwork Garden
Sunshine on My Shoulder
for one low price by clicking here.

Things are moving right along with this year's 
Mystery Quilt - Suzanne's Snowmen.
For more information or to join email
Tammie at

Lets go see what the other
ladies have done with Laurie's block.

See you next week.