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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Happy Girl Gang Wednesday

On Thursday this week. 

And my computer is moving at the speed of

molasses so I'm not sure how long this will be

but I really want to thank all of you who have

sent me sympathy after the loss of Pep.

After living with him for 55 years my life seems

incomplete without him.  That book on Grief is awesome

and is helping with the pain.  I miss him so much.  Max's wife

pointed out that I had lost half of me.  And I'll tell you that

I lost the half that can cook.  As a cook, I'm a pretty good 

quilter.  I went down and spent a few days with them.  We went out for 

breakfast on Max's birthday and had Eggs Benedict which Pep

used to make.

Back to quilting, our special this week is Country Blessings and

we have a kit or two left.  

You can go to the store to get your kit by clicking here.
I'm working on a new version of an older pattern now
using Deb Strains fabric line, "Red, White and Bloom" and
I might have it ready to show you next week.

Until then have the best week with the people and quilts
that you love.

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Happy Girl Gang Wednesday

This is a small picture of Pep that 
sits on the table by my chair in the 
living room during the day and on the
nightstand by my bed during the night.

It's just the right size to fit in the pocket 
of my bathrobe to travel between the rooms.

I know it's not really him but I find it comforting
and talk to it.  And when I'm really stressed out
I hear his words of advice, "Calm down, 
take a buspar Jan, and have a drink."  It
always helps.

Well, this morning when I got up I noticed the
picture wasn't on my nightstand so I got up 
and went to the living room.  It wasn't there
either.  I asked Kelly if she had seen it and she
said she thought it was on the table as usual 
but it wasn't.  The cats, especially Dueces,
have a habit of walking across that table and I
thought it might have gotten knocked off and then
under a chair or something.  To make a long
story short we spent about an hour and a half searching
everywhere we could think of in the living room
and the bedroom but no picture.
Finally I gave up and decided to take a bath and 
 get dressed for the day.  When I put on the shorts I
had worn the day before, there, in the left hand pocket
was my wonderful picture.  
Thank you God, I will sleep well tonight.

On special this week is Baskets & Bunnies for 15% off.

Now, have the best weekend with the people and the 
quilts that you love, and I'll see you next week