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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Spring quilts celebrated

Starting the Day with 

Spring Applique

I know I said that I would show

you the back of the table stand quilt

this week but I decided to change the

front instead.  I know most baskets are
brown but this one isn't now.

And while I was changing the fabric on
the basket, Mill Creek Hearts and Stars
came back from the quilters.
I am truly blessed.
For years Lori Kukuk worked her
magic on my quilts.  Unfortunately she
cannot do custom quilting at the
moment.  Instead she needs to take 
care of herself and her hands.
Thank you so much Lori for all of the 
beauty you added to my quilts and be 
sure to take care.

And we have found a stupendous quilter
named Jan Yamamoto who lives close
and does equally awesome work.

Here's a couple of close ups of her work
on Mill Creek.

Our vintage book this month is
Festival of Life and
this is the quilt of the same name.

The Garden Basket pillow from
the book is on my couch as we speak.

Be sure to grab one of the these books
at half price if you don't already have it.
You can get one by clicking here.

This is Beeskep and Violets and we're finally
getting it out as our Easter present to you -
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And this is Patchwork Garden by Janice Black.
If I remember correctly she made it for her
daughter.  Lovely work.  Thanks you.

I've been playing with the blocks for 
the Sew Along that we'll start in June 
and having lots of purple fun. 
 As I said earlier, I've been
wanting to do a purple and cream quilt
and this seems to fit the bill.
Thanks Susan for this great book.

Meanwhile, however, I have to take
a small break.  A CAT scan last week
showed a subdural hematoma.  Tomorrow 
morning my excellent neurosurgeon will remove
the hematoma and drain some fluid that's
pressing on my brain.

Sooooo.....I won't be blogging for probably
the next couple of weeks.
I did, however, get the four 6" blocks for
the back of my Tablestand ready to take
with me to give me something to
stitch.  :)

Be sure and send me pictures,
See you in a couple of weeks ladies
Keep Quilting.


Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Spring into Spring

Starting the day with appliqué 

I'm working on the front of the 
May Basket Tablestand.
Done - now on to the back.  

Tablestands are some of my favorite little quilts,
especially the backs as they are usually
four 6" squares.  I started doing them just 
because of the 6" squares on the back.  
I should be able to show them to you next week.

I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend.
We decided to leave the coconut off of the
bunny cake this year for a change.
The weather was warm enough that 
he didn't need it to keep warm. :).

Gardening on the deck has begun in Ernest.

This year I cheated a little and got some lettuce 
plants at the greenhouse.  I planted a row of 
zinnias (small ones) behind then and they've already 
started sprouting.

And besides my herbs and succulents
I planted a few more zinnia seeds 
in the teapot for a splash of color.

This is Hovering Hawks and Peonies by
Denise French and the design of this
quilt has a little story.

I originally saw a picture of a full size quilt with
this border and these blocks.  It was in a book about
quilts of the Mormon migration.
I decided to make a wallhanging using the designs from
the picture so I drafted the blocks and drew out the borders.
And let me tell you those Hovering Hawks blocks 
weren't easy to draft - at least not for me.
Somewhere in this process a quilt magazine asked me
for quilt designs and I submitted this one, telling them
that it was an adaptation of an antique quilt.
They published the quilt but somehow forgot
to say it was an adaptation of an antique quilt.

Luckily after an outcry a different magazine author
wrote an article defending people who went to the
trouble to work out patterns from antiques so we all
could enjoy them.

But I made double sure after that when I sent patterns
from antique quilts that the publisher would verify
that it originally came from an antique.

I still really like this little wallhanging and thank you 
Denise for doing such a beautiful job on it.

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See you next week ladies.