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Monday, February 20, 2023

Happy Presidents Day

Our prayers go out for

President Carter and

for President Biden on his travels

to Poland and Ukraine.  God keep him safe.

To celebrate Presidents Day we're
putting the BOM pattern for
Flags of the American Revolution on sale
today for 20% off.

You can go to our store to get your copy by clicking here 

And a big thank you to all of the men
who have guided our country over the 
years - not an easy job!

God Bless America!


Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Happy Girl Gang Wednesday

This is going to be a short blog post
because I got trapped by my computer..

So we'll start with the kit and pattern that's on
sale this week.  This is "Flower Power"
and is mostly made with my favorite purples.
It's 46" x 46" and both the kit and the pattern 
are 20% off this week

And this is a drawing of the little 
quilt that trapped me.  
I got the idea for the bunnies and flower
table runner for my youngest granddaughter Summer
and sat down to frame out the quilt.

It will be called "Summer's Bunnies" because in this family 
anything that has anything to do with bunnies now gravitates
to Summer.  Luckily her Aunt Kelly has already
designed and gotten "Kelly's Bunnies". 
I may have to make Summer's quilt a little bigger so she can
cover her bunnies with it.  Right now its a 
work in progress but I'll get it finished by next week

For now to get a pattern for Kelly's Bunnies
or to get the pattern or kit for 
"Flower Power" you can go to the store by 
clicking here.

Meantime ladies, have a wonderful week with
the people and quilts that you love.



Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Happy Girl Gang Wednesday

                       Since Moda isn't doing a Blockheads Quilt

                   at this time, I thought I would replace the Blockheads 

                   blogpost with a Girl Gang post instead.  And since it's

             still February but not quite Valentines Day there's will a little

                   time left to make a Valentine quilt.  This is 4 Hearts

                   a Flower and a Star and both the pattern and the kit

                                     are 23% off this week.

You can go to our store to get either by clicking here.

I'm sure you all remember my good friends Mary and
Connie from Country Threads.  Well, I got an email from
Mary the other day with her latest post which 
included  an awesome idea for an easy
recipe for making hamburgers in your crockpot so you can 
spend your time quilting instead of cooking.

"In the summer we grill hamburgers outside but this winter I have developed an easy way to make burgers in the crock pot. I cut up enough onions to cover the bottom of the crock pot and then I pat the 1 or 2 pounds of hamburger on top and let it cook. When done cut the hamburger into bun size pieces - it’s the juiciest burger you’ve ever eaten and my stove is still clean and I didn’t have to stand there and fry them. Win win!"

For some great tips on variations on this technique,

you can go to her blog by clicking here .  And you 

can catch up on what's going on at their

                             farm and with their quilting.

Back in Missouri we are eagerly waiting on March.   

In fact we're so ready for a new month and warmer weather

that we are having a 2nd special this month.

This is 101 Lilac Place. Both the pattern

and the kit are also on sale for 23% off.

A good friend from Germany named Susanne Steil
started a website called Jan Patek Galore and it's a
great place to go look for older patterns and books.
You can go check it out by on Facebook

And I'm going to borrow another idea from Susanne 
and Mary.  I want to see quilts that you all are
making.  They can be from my patterns or not - just
what you are working on - mostly primitive feeling, I'm sure.

Tammie is setting up a separate email address so they don't 
get lost in all of the political emails I get.
I'll try to have it for you next week.
Right now, I'm going to take a bath and get back to stitching
after lunch.

Have a great week ladies with the people and quilts that you love.