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Saturday, September 13, 2014

And the Winners Are.....................

I know I didn't say there would be three winners but the comments were all so awesome I just had to pick more than one.  

First the winner of the Moda Love quilt kit and the Fat 1/4 bundle is the lady who said

Owen, my Corgi, sends a shout-out to Dobby. It's a big job being an assistant to a quiltmaker. 

Moda... they're the best!!!

And then I just couldn't resist letting the random number generator pick a couple more - Moda is who we all thank for the prizes by the way.

Anyway, the winner of a Layer Cake is the person who said:

I have read lots of tutorials and watched videos to learn how to applique and none of them gave the tip you did in the video about doing it, if possible while the quilt top is in smaller pieces. Thank you. That makes a lot of sense. Great video too. 

I love MODA fabric collections. It doesn't matter if I want to make something for an older person, or one of my grandkids, I can always find the perfect fabrics with MODA.

And the winner of a Jelly Roll is Kris D who said:

MODA Love is spreading throughout the countryside! I've had fun along this blog journey and picked up a cool hint from you -- using the round labels to make your berries.

It was nice meeting all of your family. Have a wonderful weekend!

Oh - and yes, I leave the paper in the berries unless I think the quilt is going to be washed a lot.  If you want to take them out, cut a small slit in the back and use a pair of tweezers to take the paper out.

I wish you all could have won.

Now would the winners please email us your snailmail address so we can send your goodies.  Email them to - one of only 2 email addresses that reach us.  (The other one is  - all others don't come here so please don't use them)

Here's a little promo we did on Castlewood when we were filming the tutorials.  To watch it click on the name.

Thanks so much for joining us all on this hop.
All of us at Moda truly enjoy designing fabric for you - and you can always find the perfect fabrics for any quilt you've got in mind.
Better hop on over to the others and see who won.  It might be you.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Moda Love My Day - Almost to the Goodies

Welcome to my day at the Moda Love Blog Tour

Our fearless blog leader Lissa gave us a list of questions.  
And I can't use the word Love in any context without bringing in my family.

Our oldest son Brian (here holding Brooke) and his lovely wife Shannon, 

our daughter Kelly (mother of Jake & Zoie)

And youngest son Max (in the white shirt) with his lovely fiance Valerie.

8 of our 9 grandchildren (that's Brooke in Brian Jr's arm) - Brian Jr, Lily (in the pink), Gabriel, Cullen, Quinn, Jake (who is 18 and now has very short hair) and Zoie with Sumo.

Our pesky dogs, Dobby, Spike & Hunny

my chickens

and bunnies and

living where I do in the middle of nowhere with all its space.  And living here has its drawbacks too ..(horrid internet for one, dusty cars for another!).

And my main love - my wonderful supportive husband Pep - seen here at one of many Markets with our friend Bruce Gervais and their green friend..

as well as working for Moda - just the best fabric company in the world. 
Its an honor to be in it's family. ...  Best designers too.

"What fuels you to create?" - my life and the fabric.  
I love the colors of the country and want use them in my fabrics and my quilts.

And since my life is so full - so are my quilts.  

This is "Jan's Moda Love Quilt".  It uses a Charm Pack from Castlewood, my latest fabric line.  
To download Modas directions for the background click here.
To download the appliqué and border instructions click here 

"When I teach classes or workshops I love....."  I don't get to travel and teach as much as I used to but I love appliqué and helping people learn the little touches that makes it easier.  So I started filming tutorials - on the basics and tips of little things that make it easier.  

And to watch my tutorial on Jan's Moda Love Quilt click here.

And sometimes a lot of my "Loves" come together - like sitting and watching TV with Pep at night and sewing the binding on a quilt - with a little help from Dobby, our Welsh Corgi.

Now for the good part - the Giveaway part.
If you watched the tutorial you saw me use a partially pieced quilt.
Make a "Moda Loving" comment and we'll have the random number generator do a drawing around noon CST tomorrow.  If you win we'll send a quilt kit using those pieces as well as the applique and border fabrics AND this Fat 1/4 bundle

You can order a kit for my Moda Love quilt by clicking here 
If you win the drawing, we'll refund your money.

If you haven't had a chance to follow me along on the blog tour each day, you might scroll down and see my other Castlewood quilts.  I posted one each day.

Good heavens and don't forget to hop on over and visit

Barb & Mary of Me and My Sister Designs
and the lovely ladies from

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Moda Love - Day 8 - and Lest We Forget

This is Zoie - quite a few years ago - and her pet Turkey.

She really loved that turkey and "Turkey-Surkey" :) loved her.

Turkey Surkey would come running across the chicken yard when she saw Zoie coming.
Zoie decided that Thanksgiving should be Turkey Surkey's birthday and always took her extra food and goodies on Thanksgiving.
And NOONE was allowed to mention what we were having for dinner around her.
She was a pretty pampered bird and lived to a ripe old age. 

This is Flock Party, a Castlewood quilt.  Zoie said to name it Turkey Party but I liked Flock Party better.
To order either the BOM or the kit, click here.

And before we hop on lets take a moment to remember all we lost on 9-11.

This is Long May She Wave, a fitting memorial I think.  Both the pattern and kit are on special today only.  To order just click on the name.

Now lets go see what the others are up too.

Edyta of Laundry Basket

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Moda Love - Day 7

Every year about the end of the first week in December, Pep takes the chainsaw or axe and along with Jake and whatever kids happen to be here, goes out on our land in search for the perfect Christmas tree.  

And they always find it.

Then, of course, we bring it in the house and decorate it.

This is our grandson Cullen helping ice green cupcakes for the tree decorating party.

This is the Santa he brought to help decorate for the party.

Of course there's no way a good grandma could pass up a chance like that.

This is "Santa's Tree Farm" - a Castlewood quilt made for Cullen out of his Santa.
You can order a pattern or a kit to make the quilt by clicking on the name.

But it's not quite Christmas yet (which gives us more time to make quilts) - it's still Autumn.

This is Autumn Kisses and Hugs and it's on special today only.  And we only have a couple kits left!

Now lets go see what everyone's doing.

Ann with Bunny Hill
Lynne of Kansas Troubles

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Moda Love - Day 6

We'll go hopping in a minute but first - 
it started last month but is in full swing this month - 
Back to School.......

Life falls back into familiar routine.
To watch the tutorial on the mini quilt click here and to order a kit or a pattern click here.

This is the path down to the trees that the dogs and I use when we take our walk every night.
(The picture of Zoie & Quinn and Jake & Cullen is a few years old but the path remains the same.)
At the end of a hectic day my walk is very peaceful and restorative.  And it gives the dogs a chance to use up a little energy.

There are, of course, drawbacks to everything and living in the middle of nowhere certainly has some.  Our internet service sucks - as a lot of you know.  Quite often things just don't get through.  
Our youngest son lives in Kansas City about 4 blocks from Google Fiber, the fink.
But we're just not quite ready to give up our space so we keep on struggling internet wise.

Since we live about 10 miles outside of a town of 9,000 this is what it looks like at night.
There is very little ambient light from Cameron.  
Years ago the first time we came up to the house we were building at night the electricity had been shut off.  (At that time you had to read your own meter and we hadn't, being city people).  We just lay down on the ground on a blanket and stared at the sky.  

This is my Castlewood pattern
You can order the pattern by clicking on the name.  
If you want a kit, be watching the Craftsy website.  They are kitting it.  I don't think it's on their website yet but should be soon.

Fall is in full swing here and the garden is waning.

You can keep it alive in your quilt - Cottage Garden.  The kit is on special today only.

Now lets hop on and see what our other designers are up to.

Bonnie of Bonnie & Camille
Lisa of Primitive Gatherings

Quite an impressive group.  :)

See you tomorrow.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Moda Love Blog Hop - Day 5 - Winter's on the Way

We're not there yet but some brisk nights and mornings let us know that winter is just ahead.

And with Winter comes our 

Snow Friends.

This Snow Friend, made from my Castlewood fabric line designed for Moda, is available as a pattern right now from Jan Patek Quilts and will be available as a kit soon from Craftsy.

There's a little tutorial on inside points on the snowman's arms.  
You can watch the tutorial by clicking here.

It uses the Let It Snow quilt but the snowman and his arms are the same.  It's on special today only. 
You can get the kit by clicking here

Now lets hop and see what the other designers have in store for us.


See you back here tomorrow.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me :)

Thanks to everyone who sent me Birthday wishes. 

The weather here is beautiful. Been outside playing with bunnies, chickens and the garden. 
Now I get to clean my rugs (its my day and they've been driving me nuts post Dobby). 

Then we'll watch the Chiefs game and I'll stitch on one of my quilts for Market. 
And Pep's cooking a yummy birthday dinner for family and friends. 

Aches and pains come with being this age but right now it's great to be me.  I have a great sister, 3 wonderful kids, 9 stupendous grandchildren, some great nieces and nephews (and even great nieces and 1 great-great niece-wow) and lots of quilting friends.

Thanks again to all.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Moda Love - Day 3

And since this Hop is about "Love", here's an example.

Here's a pretty blurry picture of 3 of my grandchildren (Brooke, Lily and Gabriel) and Hunny.
And Wow - do I love them.

But who probably loves them even more is Hunny.  She let Lily put this headband on her and wore it for about half an hour before she tried to take it off.
That's a neat dog.

This is "The Heart of Home", one of my latest wallhangings made out of the Castlewood line.
You can order a pattern or kit by clicking here or watch the tutorial on doing the windows with shutters and hearts by clicking here.
The tutorial is on the house in "From My Heart" but making the tutorial led to this wallhanging.  The windows and shutters are the same.

Now lets leave home for a second and see what's going on with other Moda designers.


Have a great weekend and see you Monday.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Moda Love - Day 2

Pumpkin Days - pretty well my favorite time of year.
The days are warm and the nights are cool.
Halloween is coming -
Thanksgiving's not far behind - 
And then, of course - Christmas.  
But still plenty of time to plan for that - no rush yet.

Here Pep and my son Max help Cullen & Quinn carve some pretty neat pumpkins a couple of years ago.

And this is my Pumpkin Days quilt made out of Castlewood fabrics.
 You can get either the kit or the pattern by clicking here.

And this is 4 Pumpkins, a Turkey and Some Geese - a brand new wallhanging or table runner kit. 
 It's brand, brand new, the binding just went on yesterday while I waited for my car to get serviced.  
Quilting is so much fun - it saves you from the boring parts of life.

I've already had a good hop and am off to get ready for the tutorial we're filming tomorrow.
While I'm busy with that enjoy yourself visiting


See you tomorrow

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Welcome to the Moda Love Blog Hop - A Day Late .....

There were 3 Sundays this week  - 

and the grandkids were here all 3 of them :)
It is actually only Monday right now.

Before I start the blog today, lets back up if you didn't hop yesterday and visit 

and Camille

You wouldn't want to miss any of them.

Now onward since it's really Wednesday :)

This is my Snowman Basket wallhanging made out of my current line Castlewood.  It's kind of "Christmas in July-ish".  You can get a pattern for the wallhanging by clicking on the name.
I put it up first because every year at this time I am ready for a hard freeze.  This year is no exception.  August in Missouri makes one yearn for winter.

And this is the mockup I made out of my Crossroads fabric line (I had the block left over from the tutorial on Snow Day :).  You can watch the tutorial on doing those stems and berries by clicking here.  
The last few kits of the Crossroads wallhanging are on sale today only.

Now lets hop


Monday, September 1, 2014

Have a great Labor Day - full of family and food .......

........and of course - stitching.

This is our latest Mini Quilt - "Back to School".  
I'm really having fun with these.  They're small and I get to do some handquilting again.  The tutorial will be up soon.
Todays a good day to order the kit or pattern (or anything else you might want)  because it's the last day of our free shipping - just use the promo code LABORDAY.

One set of grandchildren has already come and gone this weekend.
Lily put it on her and Hunny actually wore this for about an hour before she tired of it.

Today is Labor Day and Kelly and Zoie are coming over to labor a bit.  We've already cleaned out the chicken house but we need to go back in and sweep out spider webs again.  They build them as fast as we sweep them out.

And somebody always has to babysit Bopper when I clean their house each week.  
I take the straw and use it to mulch the pepper plants and chard in the garden.  
(Bunny leavings are awesome fertilizer.)  But its tedious to put down the straw & stop and lock the gate to their yard every time.  If I don't, Bopper is naughty and pushes the gate open.   Then he gets out of the chicken yard and into the garden.  
Last time it took me quite awhile to get him back in.
And it's not a good idea for bunnies to spend the night out around here.

But after our labor, the fixings are all ready for a great meal - grilled chicken, pasta salad, deviled  eggs and a veggie tray, Pep's sour dough rolls and 2 desserts - chocolate cake and ice cream and Pep's awesome coconut pie.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the first day of the Moda Love Blog Hop.
Tomorrow we'll visit Janet Clare, Kate Spain and Camille

See you then.