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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 6 - Dec. 31st - Blessings Day

Day 6 is Blessings Day.

There are Blessings (8 of the 9 a year ag0)

and then there are Blessings.

Buy a Blessings Honey Bun and get a free pattern for

Cabin in the Stars which uses a Honeybun for all of the log cabin blocks.
You can also buy a Blessings Baskets kit for 15% off

or a Tic-Tac Baskets kit for 15% off.

And don't forget to type in the promo code "Holiday" for free shipping on all orders over $30.00 (after discounts).

It's New Years Eve. Pep has to work. Brian and Shannon are coming up to camp out (I KNOW - it's still December - but the weather is in the 60's - in MISSOURI) and Cullen and Quinn are spending the night with me. We will all have a great time sitting by the campfire.
Have a safe New Years Eve, all.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 5 - Winners & Family Circle Day

First things first - 2 winners to be announced. The winner of the Hemming House Jelly Roll is Jo who started her comment with "Great giveaway" and the winner of the Looking Back Jelly Roll is Colleen who started her comment with "Fantastic opportunity". Congratulations ladies. If you'll email your snailmail address and phone # to Tori at she'll get those right out to you.

On Day 5 we have a special on a special kit for you. Family Circle is one of my favorite little quilts. It stays in the sewing basket next to my chair and keeps my legs and feet warm while I'm sewing. All Day today it's 15% off with free shipping.

So - family and angels. It reminds me that I told my oldest son over Christmas that we need a new family portrait after the first of the year. A lot of things have changed since we took this one. People keep growing up for one thing.

And there are 5 new additions for another. Max had Cullen and Quinn and Brian and Shannon were joined by Gabriel, Lilly and Brooke. So we definitely need a new picture.
When I first thought of featuring the kit as part of the 12 Day Sale, I thought - well, I have the family part in a picture but I'm missing a picture of the angel part. And then I remembered Eunice's Angel. She belonged to Pep's mother (Eunice) and has been part of our Christmas since the kids were little. Back when Pep's back was in better shape he would lift Kelly - or later Zoie - to put her on top of the tree. Now she sits on an end table and watches over us.
Happy stitching to us all.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 4 Dec. 29th - Jelly Roll Day - Giveaway Day

Day 4 in the 12 Days After Christmas Sale is a Giveaway Day. Have you figured out that some of the items on Sale are bits and pieces. Well - we have one Looking Back Jelly Roll left and 1 Hemming House Jelly Roll. Make a comment, any old comment and 2 of you will win 1 Jelly Roll each. (Using the Random Number Generator of course, so I don't have to pick a favorite comment - which is impossible they're all so nice.) We'll pick a winner the morning of the 30th.

And then, for those of you who aren't randomly picked we have a few on sale. The Remembrance and Astor Manor Jelly Rolls are $5.00 off. And any of the patterns that use a Jelly Roll are $3.00 off.

Good luck - wish you all could win.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 3 - Fat 1/4 Day

Day #3 - Fat 1/4 Day.
But back to Day 2 for a second. We had a very nice but rather hurried Christmas with Max and his family - so hurried that I forgot to take pictures. Our oldest son, Brian, is a dentist. December is usually somewhat slow so it's the month we all make appointments to get our teeth cleaned, sealants for the kids, yada, yada, yada. Max's appointment was at 1:00 and Brian's office is over an hour away - really about an hour and a half. Anyway, a good time was had by all and Max made his appointment.

Now on to Day #3.
Day #3 of the 12 Days After Christmas offers a great deal on Fat 1/4 bundles. Buy one at the regular price of $22.50 for 9 Fat 1/4's (a great deal all by itself) and get a free Fat 1/4 Foursome book - 4 quilts using Fat 1/4's designed by me and my friend Sue Spargo.

And another day at the Dentist - hopefully our last one for awhile. I'll drop Cullen and Quinn's table and chairs off at Max's in Kansas City, then on to Olathe for Jake's check up. Pep got me a new Crock Pot for Christmas (I asked for it) and a cookbook. Time to try it out.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 2 - Books and Change of Christmas Plans

Max called last night as I was falling asleep to say that he and Michele and Cullen and Quinn were going to have to do their Christmas with us this morning instead of Thursday. Michele is working at Sears and they switched her days off. Oh My! I'm not quite ready.
So I'm up in the middle of the night changing the tablecloth, wrapping one last present and blogging. (I can run the sweeper in the morning.)

This will be short and sweet. Day 2 is Books. All books (excepting Quiltmania and KC Star books) under $15.00 are $5.00 off and all books from 15 - 30 are $10.00 off. And we'll still do it manually. When you purchase the patterns at store the checkout will charge you the regular price. Then Byron will refund your PayPal Account the amount of the discount. Or call Tori at 816-632-7632 to place your order and charge it to your credit card there. You can leave the order on the Voicemail if you see this after hours. And type in "Holiday" or mention it on the phone and get free shipping to the continental US for all orders over $30.00. And ladies, that's the discounted price, not the one that will show up on your checkout order. This just get's so confusing - we'll wing it if you're within a dollar or two. Goodsie (our store) is working on getting it so we can give discounts for particular types of products but for now it's a little confusing.

I'm off to wrap and figure something out for a quick brunch.
Have a nice day .... I will.

Monday, December 26, 2011

12 Days After Christmas - Day 1 - Patterns

I just love technology. Today is the first day of our 12 Days After Christmas Sale. Day 1 is Patterns. All of our patterns are on sale for $3.00 off with the exception of our BOM's which are $10.00 off.

Now for the "love" technology part. Our store has "coupons" but they can't be assigned to individual groups of products. So we'll do it manually. When you purchase the patterns at store the checkout will charge you the regular price. Then Byron will refund your PayPal Account the amount of the discount. Or call him at 816-632-7632 to place your order and charge it to your credit card there. You can leave the order on the Voicemail if you see this after hours. And type in "Holiday" or mention it on the phone and get free shipping to the continental US for all orders over $30.00.
Now for the rest of the "Love Technology" part. Kelly is trying to send an email telling you of the items on sale or giveaway each day to all of you that signed up . The email program won't let her upload the images. Last time this happened we had to upgrade our Adobe Flash so she did that again. Nope - still won't let the images upload. And of course, support for the program is limited over the Holidays.
So - check the Blog each day and we'll keep it posted and keep trying with the emails.
Sheesh! :)

On a less technological note - Thank God - here's Jake Christmas morning with this Snowball Thrower. Wow! For trees and buildings only.

And Zoie on her awesome new bike. She did put on shoes and a jacket to go ride it but the weather was really nice here so she got to try it out.

Gabriel, Lilly and Brooke were all sick so we'll do Christmas with them next Sunday. And Cullen and Quinn were at their mother's this year so Christmas with them will be sometime this week.

We truly are having the 12 Days After Christmas.

Happy Holidays.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Nothing like waiting til the last minute! And 12 Days After Christmas Sale.

We finally have a granddaughter that likes dolls. Zoie always loves her quilts but never has been interested in dolls. Now give her a guinea pig, kitten or dog - stuffed or alive - and you're making her happy. But while she cheerfully makes Sumo (Japanese Chin) large pillows to sleep on and Phoebe (guinea pig) blankets, I haven't quite gotten into making them quilts.

Enter Lilly. Lilly loves the Disney princesses. And when I finally got around to giving her brother Gabriel his quilt, she played and played with it. (He just looked at it and went on with his Transformer - didn't bother me - he's a 4 year old boy).

When Princess Ariel got here late last week, my first thought was - "She's got to have a doll quilt!" Ariel and her travel carrier and stroller will fit right into Lilly's room. It's all pink and white and clear colors.

The quilt pattern I immediately thought of was "Country Stars" - just the right size. The colors are fine for here and Lilly can play with Ariel here - we have antique doll beds, etc. but to take home we needed something different.

So here is Country Stars done in Sandy Gervais "Lovely" line. Won't Ariel be cute wrapped in her quilt. I wonder if all quilters are this crazy. I mean, it's Friday. I want to finish a new tablecloth out of one of the Together reds. We have a couple of things to finish in the office and all of the orders are out but I still have some stocking stuffer shopping to do - then there's cleaning, grocery shopping, baking and present wrapping. And I'm making a doll quilt :)
Luckily Brian & Shannon and the kids won't be here until Christmas afternoon. I'll probably be sewing the binding on Christmas morning. :)

We changed out the quilt that hangs in the foyer early this week when Jake was here. Down came "Folk Art Favorites" and up went "Pinecones and Hollyberries". Every time we change quilts the minute we spread things out on the living room floor to switch them, Spike runs and sits in the middle of them. He really likes quilts.

And we're getting ready for our big "12 Days After Christmas" Sale so be watching for it
to start on the 26th. After all Epiphany celebrates the visit of the Wisemen with their
gifts. In the Western churches Epiphany is January 6th. So from the 26th through the
6th we'll have something different on sale each day. And even a few precut giveaways.
So be watching the blog and sign up for the emails at the top left if you haven't already.

Santa will be here soon (Here Comes Santa) and with friends and family, we'll
celebrate what Christmas is really all about.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Jan Patek Quilts to all of you.

Monday, December 12, 2011

And the Winner of the Farmer's Market precuts is......

Drummm rolllll here ........ Stitched with a Prayer who said "Thank you so much for the pattern and for a chance to win some beautiful quilting treasure. Hugs..."

Hugs to you too. I emailed you but emails occasionally get lost. If you'll email your shipping information to Tori at she'll get your precuts out to you. Have fun with them. And to those of you who commented about using the Turnovers, watch for my new patterns this spring. I used one in Tulips & Leaves and in Blooming Basket.

Thanks to everyone who followed the Merry Moda Blog Hop all week. I wish you all could have won. Personally, I really wanted to win Polly's little rug but I didn't. :(

It was a really full week followed by a really full weekend. It was our annual tree getting and trimming day on Saturday. Usually we just go to the front pasture but the cedars there were all too big this year. Pep and Jake inspected and pondered. We could have trimmed one down quite a bit but I thought I had seen some along the front fence line. So we all piled into the van

and drove to the front corner of the farm. Sure enough there were quite a few just the right size. Pep and Jake loaded it into the van and back we came to the house.

After we took the tree out, Spike had to check all the feed sacks to make sure everything was ok. Nope, no stray dog food sacks hanging around - just stuff for chickens.

Inside, Jake and Pep got the tree in the stand and tied to the hook in the ceiling (in case kitties decide to climb trees). Then Zoie, Jake, Kelly and I decorated with oversight from Pep. The weather was beautiful as was the whole day.

Happy Holidays to each and every one.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 5 of the Merry Moda Blog Hop - My Day - Wahoo!

Welcome to the final day of the Merry Moda Blog Hop. It's my turn to post along with 3 other Moda designers - and I'm in really good company. Of course, no matter who else was on the schedule with me I'd be in good company. My cohorts for the day are:

1) Jen Williamson of Basic Grey
2) Sandy Klop of American Jane (She's posting on Moda's blog)
3) Sandy Gervais of Pieces From My Heart (you've got to hop on over and see her pictures of funky glasses. I love the moon and stars pair.)

So lets cut to the chase and get to the Giveaways. Leave a comment, any old thing, and we'll have a drawing Monday morning to determine the winner of 3 separate precuts from Linda and my new line "Farmer's Market".

A Farmer's Market Turnover (there are 2 new patterns using these turnovers - I just love triangles and it's really nice when you don't have to cut them yourself) ........

and a Charm Bundle

And a Jelly Roll. (All 3 go to the lucky winner).

They'll be on our website and in shops in March for those of you who want one but don't win.

My block for the Moda Schoolhouse was a pumpkin. When I first drew the block for the Schoolhouse, it was an appliqued pumpkin. I got a phone call telling me that there was no way to get the pattern on a recipe card. So we discussed how I was going to get my pattern for a 12" block on a recipe card since I do applique. After pondering a bit I decided to piece the pumpkin and applique the stem :). Where there's a will, there's a way. I really kind of like it for a change.

For the Merry Moda Blog Hop I decided to make a Tablerunner using the pumpkin block.

You can download the pattern for the block and for the tablerunner by clicking on the words below. If you'd like to order a kit for the Tablerunner, we have a few available. Meanwhile here's the pattern for the block and the tablerunner.

All week I've been having everyone pick their favorite quilt kit to be on special for 15% off. Well, it's my turn and I just can't do it. Linda Brannock years ago said that whenever anyone asked her what her favorite quilt was, the answer was always "the one I'm working on". I'm the same. I always get excited by the quilt I'm currently designing - at the moment next year's Mystery Quilt.
So I decided to make the sale storewide. Everything in the store is 15% off today only with free shipping on all orders over $50.00 for the continental US. (And as usual when we do something new - like coupons - we have to work the kinks out. If the checkout doesn't take the 15%off and charges shipping, Byron will catch it and refund the money through PayPal. We think we've got it right and there's a new catch every time.)
Meanwhile here's my recipe sheet to download. These are really yummy, even if I do say so.

The sale is for today only. You have through the weekend to comment to win the Farmer's Market precuts. We'll draw a name Monday. And don't forget to hop on over to the other Moda blogs. Merry Moda Blog Hop!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day #4 - Merry Moda Blog Hop & Puppy Poppers

Welcome back - It's Day 4 of the Moda No-Name Blog Hop. (Different designers have come up with different names. Sandy Gervais calls it the "Gifts Galore" Blog Hop. Kate Spain settled for the Merry Moda Blog Hop after deciding that the Moda Jingleblog Hop might turn into Jingleblop.

The designers to visit today are:

1) Camille of Thimbleblossoms

2) Kathy Schmitz at her blog

4) Kate Spain at her blog and

5) Lisa Bonegean at Primitive Gatherings

Whatever you call it (and I think I'm going with the Merry Moda Blog Hop - thanks Kate) it's got lots of great quilt blocks and giveaways.

Back here at Jan Patek Quilts I'll introduce you to my daughter Kelly

and her cohort, our dog Spike. Kelly is my word person - she does all of the write-ups and sends the emails. And you should all know Spike by now. He is my faithful companion. Wherever I am, he is. His only drawback at the moment is that he loves to chew plastic and cardboard. He wanted to come with us the other day when we went to buy our new microwave so we let him. He, of course, had to stay in the car when we went into Sears. We had been to Sams the day before and hadn't unloaded a few things. When we came out all of the boxes were shredded. He didn't touch the bread or the nuts - just ate the boxes.

He and Kelly picked the House on Hill kit for the special today. It's where she grew up and where he lives now. The code for the 15% discount is house15 and houseship will get you free shipping.

Kelly also helped Spike pick out and type his recipe. We're having to use a new site and we're having trouble with it so at the moment you can't download it. Hopefully we'll have both of the recipes for you tomorrow. Luckily, all my things for my post are already on the blog page ready to post. Whew!. All of this new technology is great .... but can be stressful.

Yay! - she got it fixed. Way to go Michele.

Here's his recipe. To download, click on the words below.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day #3 - Lots More Goodies

Day 3 brings us to the blogs of 5 more great Moda designers. You won't want to miss the quilt blocks and giveaways of:

1) Bonnie of Cotton Way
2) Kaari of French General
3) Liesl of Oliver and S
4) Karla of Sweetwater and
5) Ellen of The Long Thread

They've really got some neat stuff for you.

Back here I'd like you to meet Byron (or Max to his dad & I). Here he is with sons Quinn & Cullen. (Quinn had decided he didn't want his picture taken.) Byron does all of the computer work - first of all figuring out how to make the new updated Quickbooks work, then invoicing and charging all of the clubs and orders. Then he emails the invoices to Tori who ships them out. He does all of this while going to school and raising 2 very active boys. And he is greatly helped in the raising, etc. by his significant other Michele. Michele is the one who makes things "download" and figures out how to get my fabric as a background on the blog. Together, they're a pretty good team as well as being pretty nice individually.

When I asked him which kit he wanted to put on special he replied that he wanted one with eggs or chickens or devils - something to go with his Deviled Egg recipe. I've had some chicken kits (Flags & Chickens & Kids) and a little devil in the Trick or Treat kit but they're all sold out. So we decided on Blessings Baskets. The vines wouldn't be growing at this time of year, after all, so we can use the baskets to gather eggs. :) Use the promo code blessings15 for the discount and blessingsship for free shipping.

To download a copy of his recipe, click on the words. Well, it didn't work this time. We'll see what we can fix it to download tomorrow. I just love left brain stuff. :)

Day # 2

There are 5 great Moda designer's blogs to hop to today. Along with Lynne from Kansas Troubles are Joanna at Fig Tree, Julie of Cosmo Cricket, Lucie fromSummersville and Liz at Paper Pie. Each and every one of the has a great block for your Moda Sampler Quilt. And there are some great giveaways too.

Back here at Jan Patek Quilts Tori is my Girl Friday. She cuts kits, orders fabric, prints patterns and does all of the shipping. Lately the shipping has involved a trip to Kidder twice a week (1/2 hour each way) so we can be sure to get things out. Unfortunately for some reason our local post office is somewhat unreliable since last March. And right now Tori and her family are moving to a new house. Nobody was in any shape for pictures so we'll have to do that sometime later. I really hate it when people post bad pictures of me so I don't want to do it to Tori and Wendy. Anyway, Tori has picked Family Circle as her kit for you. To get 15% off just type in the code "family15" and then "familyship" will get you free shipping too. Family is certainly uppermost in her mind right now.

Here's her recipe for a great dip for the Holidays. In her words "there are no real directions for the cheese dip. Just throw it together and call it good!" Sounds yummy to me.

To download a copy of the recipe sheet hit the button below.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Day #1 - 4 Great Moda Designers & Triple Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies too

Today is Day 1 of the December Moda Designers Blog Hop. Each day four or five of the designers will show you the quilt block and recipe that they presented at the schoolhouse session at Salt Lake. You'll be able to download their patterns and recipes - a little Holiday gift to you from us. And some of the designers that weren't at Market have added a block and recipe to the mix. At the end of the week you'll have the blocks for a great sampler quilt (my favorite kind of quilt) and maybe even a wallhanging or two and lots of great recipes.

The designers featured today are:
Minick and Simpson - (you've got to see Polly's house and I want that giveaway rug)
Bunny Hill's Anne Sutton
Barb & Mary from Me & My Sister

Meanwhile, at Jan Patek Quilts, I needed something to post each day besides the designer picture. It's a neat picture but could get really boring after a day or two. I decided that everyone here could get in on the act. Each day you'll meet one of the great people who help Jan Patek Quilts stay together so I can design and sew - my favorite things in the world outside of my family and dog. And they'll give us a recipe for our Christmas party and pick their favorite kit to be on sale for the day.

So today meet Wendy Karr. What - no picture. Well Wendy is camera shy and was helping Tori and her family move Friday before the rain set in, so no picture ........ yet. I have my camera ready and am waiting. Check back later.

You see Wendy's name on the pattern covers or books under "sewer". Wendy is an absolute whiz at piecing and machine applique. She does, however, hand all blocks that need hand applique over to me (or Amy or Marie). For some reason, she's just stymied by the hand work. Which really is fine with me because it's my absolute favorite thing to do. My day is not complete without some stitching to do each morning and night.

The quilt kit that Wendy picked is Tic-Tac Baskets. As you can see, it's just made for her - great piecing and machine applique. Today, until midnight, it's 15% off and free shipping. Just type in the code Tic Tac Baskets to get 15% off and then Tic Tac to get free shipping on your kit. We're new to the "coupon" thing so if you have any problems email Tori at (Byron's in class today) and we'll fix it.

Wendy, poor girl, just returned from a week in Hawaii so she said her recipe had to have macadamia nuts in it. I can't wait until our office party to taste them.

To print out a copy of the recipe sheet, click on "Download Now" below.
Download Now!

Come back tomorrow to get the links to 5 more Moda designers and their patterns. And to meet Tori and see what she has for us.