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Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 5 - Winners & Family Circle Day

First things first - 2 winners to be announced. The winner of the Hemming House Jelly Roll is Jo who started her comment with "Great giveaway" and the winner of the Looking Back Jelly Roll is Colleen who started her comment with "Fantastic opportunity". Congratulations ladies. If you'll email your snailmail address and phone # to Tori at she'll get those right out to you.

On Day 5 we have a special on a special kit for you. Family Circle is one of my favorite little quilts. It stays in the sewing basket next to my chair and keeps my legs and feet warm while I'm sewing. All Day today it's 15% off with free shipping.

So - family and angels. It reminds me that I told my oldest son over Christmas that we need a new family portrait after the first of the year. A lot of things have changed since we took this one. People keep growing up for one thing.

And there are 5 new additions for another. Max had Cullen and Quinn and Brian and Shannon were joined by Gabriel, Lilly and Brooke. So we definitely need a new picture.
When I first thought of featuring the kit as part of the 12 Day Sale, I thought - well, I have the family part in a picture but I'm missing a picture of the angel part. And then I remembered Eunice's Angel. She belonged to Pep's mother (Eunice) and has been part of our Christmas since the kids were little. Back when Pep's back was in better shape he would lift Kelly - or later Zoie - to put her on top of the tree. Now she sits on an end table and watches over us.
Happy stitching to us all.


  1. Jan-What a beautiful family. You are surely Blessed. Have a wonderful New Year!

  2. Congratulations to the winners!
    I plan of resting for the new years, no partying for me;)


  3. Thank you so much...I am very excited. Cannot wait to see your new family portrait. It is amazing how fast a family can grow! Thanks again!