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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Block 32 Again

  • Block 32
  • Beeskep & Flower 
  • by Jan Patek

Meantime I'll show you pictures
of my new babies and how they're growing.

Lavender Orpington
& Silver Laced Orpingtons

and more
Lavender Orpington
& Silver Laced Orpingtons

Grown up Lavender Orpington rooster

And grown up Silver Laced Orpington hen and rooster.

Homestead quilt pattern with Lavender Orpington chickens coming soon.

In case you can't tell, 
my computer isn't
working very well.

My patterns are often quite
complex and take up a
lot of room so my computer is over full.

I bought a new one but when it 
got here it wouldn't turn on
so we had to send it back.

Hopefully by next week things will be better.  

Meanwhile lets see if this one will
still show us the rest of the blocks.
We'll try again next Moda Wednesday.

See you then.


Wednesday, August 19, 2020

And It's Blockheads Wednesday Again!

This week our block is #32

Beeskep & Flower by


And as usual I can't figure out how to do the links in

the new Blogger.  As soon as Tammie gets here I'll have her

figure it out and we'll post it.  

For now, just copy the address below and paste it in

your browser.  That will take you to your pattern.

You can download the pattern 
by going to Moda 

For some tips on making this block, 
I'll refer you to some of my tutorials.
To learn how to do stems and leaves
(or refresh your memory), go here

For tips on the inside and outside
curves on the flower go Here
For tips on appliquéing the star click star

I did a whole series of tutorials so if you
run into a problems anywhere, just
google jan Patek tutorials and 
you should find some help.

 Liberty Garden is our 
our Vintage book for this month.
You can go to our store to buy it 
by clicking here.

Liberty Pumpkin is one of my favorite
 patterns from the book. It makes a great
little wallhanging.

But before we get into making anything,
lets go see what the others have done with
my block 

 Lisa Bongean -
 Lissa Alexander -

That should keep us busy for a while - 
See you next week.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Happy Blockheads Wednesday

 Block 31

Basket Collector

by Betsy Chutchian

You can go to her blog to
download the pattern by clicking here
And I hope the link works. :)

Our vintage book this month (1/2 price all month)
is Liberty Garden.  It has 3 medium to
large quilt patterns and 4 wallhanging patterns.
You can go to the store to buy the book by clicking here.

Boy - this year is going fast.
So quick- lets go see what the 
other ladies have done with Betsy's block

                                                     Sherri McConnell -
                                                     Betsy Chutchian -
                                                     Jan Patek -
                                                     Brigitte Heitland -
                                                     Lisa Bongean -
                                                     Lissa Alexander -
                                                     Laurie Simpson -
                                                     Vanessa Goertzen -
                                                      Stacy Iest Hsu -
                                                     Janet Clare -
                                                     Jen Kingwell -
                                                     Joanna Figueroa -

Thanks and
see you next week.  I got here again this week so
 probably I can figure out how again :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Block 30 -