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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On the Road Againnnnnn!

Off to Houston where exciting things are happening.

And at home the crabapples are just gorgeous. How about that for berries, ladies. No, I'm not doing a crabapple tree - yet.

And exciting things are happening here too. The storefront where you can use Paypal is coming along nicely. The kits are all in and we're starting on the books and patterns. Check it out at (You may have to paste that in your browser. I am NOT a computer person :). Meanwhile is still up and running.
Have a good week ladies, Jenny and I are going to.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Easy Dresden Turkeys & Sneek Peek of Market fabric

I just love Thanksgiving. To begin with Pep and Max do nine-tenths of the cooking and even mostly clean up after themselves. I make the corn casserole, jello for the kids and a vegetable tray - they do the rest.
And I always like to make a new wallhanging or tablerunner. Turkeys are Zoie's favorite - they help her remember her pet turkey.
This year when I was over at Missouri Star Quilt Shop Jenny had this great idea for a turkey block. Together we came up with this great quick and easy tablerunner. It's our Mini Quilt Club quilt this month pictured on the right. And you don't have to get the Easy Dresden Tool to make the feathers in the kit, but it sure does make things a lot easier.

First you need 5" squares.

Each square will make 2 turkey feathers.

After you cut the feathers, fold them right sides together and stitch across the top. Snip the corner at an angle.

Then turn and wow! A turkey feather. Sew the feathers together and follow the directions in the kit to make a turkey block and a neat wallhanging or tablerunner..

This is the latest tin full of Candy Bars from Moda. Our Candy Bar is 2 1/2" x 5" strips of the prints in Linda and my line Lilac Hill showing at Fall Market. The tins will be for sale at Sample Spree.

Each tin has a pattern that comes with it. And of course when we got the news Jenny and I just had to sit down and make a little quilt of our own using a Candy Bar of Lilac Hill. Shops, be sure to grab a tin at Sample Spree. Then come see us at Booth 2021 to see our quilt and pattern.
Speaking of which, I'm off to go to Missouri Star and finish it up so I can quilt it.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

And We're Back Home - for Awhile

And we're back at multitasking. Clothes unpacked and washed again, ready to be ironed and packed for Market at the end of the month.

The booth unpacked and sorted, some quilts to go to France for the book I'm doing for Quiltmania, some will go over to Missouri Star Quilt Co. for display and a few I get to keep for the house.
It was a really fun festival with only a few hitches. Tara locked the keys in the car when we got there to unload but a very nice officer from the sheriff's department got us back in. Once set up, Max joined us (he had class until Wednesday evening). He and Tara took care of things on the selling and adding up end. I got to sit and chat and sew and do demonstrations on Needleturn Applique. I don't really call it work if I get to sit and sew and show ladies how easy applique can be if you just know a few tips.

The show itself was awesome. The DesMoines Guild had some great quilts.
Moda Lissa was there and posted lots of pictures on her blog so I gave you the link to her page. It is really
worth seeing - I recommend it highly. Thanks Lissa.
This seems like a good place to announce the winners of the drawing for the Free Kit. Drumm rolllll ... And the winners are ..........Linda Lyn of Newton, IA and Marilyn Holder of Fairview, TN. Congratulations ladies. Tara will be emailing you and letting you choose between Sunflowers & Scarecrows and Sue's Snowman Basket.

Here's Christmas 101 again. It's also in the strip on the right because it's the Wallhanging Club offering for the month. We're building a new storefront - with only a slight delay due to a blown motherboard on a computer. The Mini Quilts and Wallhangings are up. As you may or may not know, I'm not taking credit cards any more. I found out the hard way that the merchant is not protected with online credit card orders. If someone steals your card - or gets your card number somehow - and uses it to buy something, the cardholder is protected. The merchant is not. They simply lose their money. Mastercard and Visa are not set up to verify that the person buying online and receiving the goods is indeed the cardholder. Paypal is. They are set up for online buying and selling.
If you're a Wallhanging Club member or anyone else who wants to buy the kit, click on the picture to the right and it will take you to the storefront. If you just want to look at the storefront, type (no www.) in your browser or just click on it. If you don't have an account with Paypal, it's very easy to set one up. We're also looking into and to accept payments.

Did I mention that the trailer had a flat tire on the way home. The show ended at 5:00, we were packed by 7:00 and I got home around 2:00 a.m.
It's good to be home.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Come See Us in Des Moines - Booth 1228-1230 Oct. 6-9

The week and especially the weekend has been spent multitasking.

I think everything happens in October. The apples are ready to be juiced and sauced, the peppers are ready, hens are still laying so we have hen fruit too. The green beans are ready too so we had a big mess for Sunday dinner along with the roast. And of course, Pep has to make bread.

Meanwhile, besides picking veggies and washing clothes, we been packing. This morning we're off to Des Moines.

And here's a sneek peek at one of the quilts we'll have along.

Christmas 101 is one of my favorite quilts lately. Come see it (and me) in person. I'll be doing Needleturn Applique demonstrations every day.
Fall is so awesome!