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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Busy, busy, busy.............

It was indeed a busy week.
Monday my friend and email ad lady, 
Sandy Noelsh and I drove to Springfield, Mo. 
- actually she drove and I rode.  
It didn't start off too well.
When I picked her up, she started 
the car and the air-conditioner
blew hot air instead of cold.
After a quick trip to my neighbor who
also has taken care of our cars for 20 odd
years, it had a new air conditioner motor 
and was blowing cold air again.  
Since it's a 4 hour drive to Springfield 
that was very good.  There are lots of 
advantages to living in a small town :).

The long and short of it is that we made it to Springfield
where Sandy's sister, Charlotte, is a member of the
Ozark Piecemakers Guild.  
Tuesday I gave a lecture at 10:00 A.M. and then again
at 6:00 P.M.   It's a very large, active Guild and has a
Day Meeting and then an Evening Meeting.
Then on Wednesday, I taught an all day workshop 
on the basics of Needleturn Applique to these lovely ladies.
Throughout the entire thing I was very well taken
care of by their program chairman, Mary Loker.  
Thanks Mary.

Thursday and Friday, I stayed at home and rested
so that I could drive to Lenexa on Saturday to
meet with the  Walnut Valley Woolen 
group led by Robin Van Allen (on the far right).
They have spent the last few months working
with my Birdsong pattern.  The backgrounds
of their quilts are cotton and the appliqué is wool.

We had a delightful time looking at quilts
and eating a great lunch at the Hyatt in Lenexa.

Our Deal of the Week is
Town and Country,
one of my favorite BOM patterns.  

To get one of your own click here.

I want to thank all of you for your good wishes and
prayers for Pep.  And all the hugs for me.  
Pep is entering his 3rd month on the 
medication and the bad side effects are only
supposed to last for 3 months - God willing and
the creek don't rise.

Keep quilting ladies - I certainly am. :)
Creating things always helps and I'm working
on "Jan and Pep's Marvelous Adventures"
our 50th Anniversary Quilt.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Right now I'm in Springfield, Mo

Giving a workshop to the 
Ozark Piecemakers
I just love that name!

I gave my lecture twice - 
 yesterday morning and last night
and by tonight I am going to be 
plain old tired.
I always get worn out but I also always
enjoy myself very much.  Quilters 
are such nice people.  :)

Since I got this ready in somewhat
of a hurry this part will be short.

These are pictures from our 
Deal of the Week 
Sleigh Bells by Martingale -
They do such awesome work :)

And this is Old Glory - our June Tablestand Quilt

Front and


And once again this week we're featuring

our quilt America for Me.
We're cutting more kits since 
we sold out so quickly.  And of course,
we still have patterns.
And once again a big thank you from
all of us to Mary and Connie of Country Threads.

Another quilt from Oceans Aweigh.

Storms never last by Waylon Jenning
& Jessie Colter became our song.

It still is.

And I'm asking for prayers for Pep.
He's on an experimental medicine for his 
severe COPD and it is kicking his butt :)

See you next week ladies and
Keep Quilting.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

How time flies by when

You've been busy.

America for Me 2019
available as a pattern or a kit.

This quilt is a lot more complex than it seems.
It has 17 reds, 14-15 blues, 4 creams 
and 2 background prints -- Whew!
I really like the way the top turned out though and 
can't wait to see it quilted.

To order the pattern or the kit click here and search
America for Me.

Oh and I can't forget to say a huge THANK YOU to
Mary and Connie of Country Threads.
I have the original quilt but not the book 
so Mary answered lots of questions
and then Connie just sent me her book to use.
Thanks ladies, you're the best.!!
And Pep still misses the Kettle Corn:)

This is our June :) Tablestand Quilt.

Sorry it was so late but there has been a lot 
going on around here.

I think it was worth the wait though.  If you 
join the Tablestand Club you get 15% off the kit
and 15% off the stand and any headers you order.
Email Tammy at to join.

To get the kit click here and search for Old Glory

Now, I'm sorry this has to be so short this week 
and probably next week too.

Next week I'll be in Springfield, Mo. giving 
a lecture and workshop for the Ozark Piecemakers 
at the beginning of the week and the 
Walnut Valley Guild at the end of the week.

Right now I have to go set a live trap for
the raccoon that's been killing my chickens.
It got my favorite Cochin hen and rooster 
yesterday and I am not happy with it.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

So many quilts, so little time.......

This is "America for Me"
a quilt I designed in 2004.

It was published in my book
Lady Liberty.
It was recently pictured on the blog
of Country Threads owned by
my friends Connie Tesene and 
Mary Etherinton.

I first knew about it when I started getting
lots and lots of emails asking for the pattern.

Unfortunately, somehow my book was misplaced,
but Mary and Connie (who have theirs) have
been very helpful in getting me the instructions
 from their book.

What I have been doing the last few days has
been drawing the quilt again.
I've also search Moda's website for the fabrics
to use.  Alas, the background plaid and most of the
other fabrics are long gone.
I've found a lot of good substitutions though
and in a short while (with a lot of help from
my friends) there will be a brand new
quilt called America for Me.
We'll send out an email and announce it
on the blog when it's finished.
I'm pretty excited.  It's always good to meet 
old friends again.  

This is the Jan and Pep block from my latest
BOM I'm working on.  It's called
Jan and Pep's Marvelous Adventure
and is a quilt celebrating our 50th anniversary
which is October 18th, 2019.
It's made out of my fabric line Clover Meadow
that is showing to shops now.
And "no" I'm not dragging Pep along.
We're holding hands and he's letting me
go first because he's a gentleman.
Maybe, I should change the block and 
put my hand behind his.  I'll try that and 
show you next week and see what you think.

I'm showing a quilt each 
week from Oceans Aweigh.
This is Ships, Stars and Whales, 
a favorite of mine.
Whales are so awesome.

And this is my new kitty.
Her name is Katherine - or
Kitty Kate Kat.

So now we have Queen Elizabeth and
Katherine the Great.

I miss my Rufus but she helps a lot.  
Have a good week ladies
and keep quilting.  :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Happy almost 4th of July

This is 
Flags of the American Revolution
a 76" x 76" 12 Month BOM
that is our Deal of the Week
this week.

We thought it seemed timely.  
The pattern not only has drawings of
all of the blocks but lots of information on each flag.

My husband Pep found the blocks when 
he was on the internet looking for a
Gadsden Flag and thought they looked 
like something I might want in a quilt.
He was right!

Our book this month is Oceans Aweigh,
dedicated to my late father-in-law
Byron Patek who commanded a mine
sweeper in the Pacific during WWII.

96" x 89"

Byron told many a tale of far off lands, Spam 
sitting on a dock in the sun and fights started in
the Officers Club over smuggled Coke.

52 1/4" x 60 7/8"

When I think of ships and sailing and
travel, I think of him.
He was also just about all a person
could ask for in a father-in-law.

We miss him but his legacy lives on.
He has a son and a grandson named Byron Patek -

Byron Henry Maxwell Patek
Byron Theodore Quinn Patek.