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Saturday, August 28, 2010

I can't believe it's been a month

I really can't - almost a month since I've blogged. And this needs to be short because Cullen and Quinn are here and will get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow. That's one of the reasons it's been a month. They have been staying with us every other week all summer. Their father is back in school - midlife crisis career switch - and he's been working construction in Oklahoma all summer. Since school has started again now, things are back to some kind of routine.

This is one of the sunflowers Quinn planted this spring. He checks on it the minute he gets here. They are awesome. And as my life always ends up in my quilts somehow...

Sunflowers and Scarecrows - I know there's only 1 scarecrow but scarecrows sounds better - poetic license in quilt naming. This is the next Mini Quilt Club offering that will ship in September.

Let's see - the new fabric lines - Classic Wovens and Lilac Hill are being worked on. Four new patterns for the wovens and some minirugs.
Then I took a break to work on the book I'm doing for Quiltmania - get to go to France next April on my way to Salt Lake City. The Quiltmania people are such a joy to work with.
And in between Jennifer Dick (editor extrordinaire for KC Star) sent proofs and we finalized Across the Wide Missouri book by Edie MCGinnis and myself.
Finishing up patterns for Quiltmania book the first couple of days this week and then on to Lilac Hill line. Even if I do say so myself both the Classic Wovens and Lilac Hill are awesome. See you get to say things like that when you do them with someone else :)

And this is Zoie and Quinn's masterpiece. Quinn's first assignment for kindergarten had to do with this gingerbread man. It was his job to decorate it to make it have something to do with him. Since the poor guy got pretty manhandled for a week, going in and out of backpacks, his dad rescued it and made sure it came with him this weekend. With a little help Quinn traced it and had me cut it out for him. Then he and Zoie went to work with fabric scraps, glue and markers. Then they decided to add his sunflower and things really took off. There's our apple tree and berry bushes and flowers! Wow! I think it is absolutely awesome and just had to show it off.

And something I had absolutely nothing to do with, (except one person removed) but get to enjoy, is the fact that I have a new granddaughter born on August 27th. Her name is Brooke and she is beautiful.

I lost the connection to the internet last night so am finishing it today. They did get up at 6:00.
Better go let the chickens out.
Keep quilting.