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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Summer's over - a little sadness.....But Fall is here - a lot of gladness :)

We had our first September Fest in the loft....

Here are a few pictures I took while we were there......

and of course, being the blog savvy person that I am

I forgot to have pictures taken of the visitors and me....

I was probably too busy talking :):):)
Anyway, it was lots of fun and great to meet so many people.

Down in the chicken yard everyone is settling into their new homes.
Zoie loves chickens and had found an Aracauna rooster (Frankenfurter) and a Silky rooster (ObiWan) on Cameron's Swap Shop. Talking me into giving them a home wasn't a hard sell.  
This spring when I got my usual Buff Orpington chicks I was able to order 3 Aracauna pullets for Frankenfurter and when the girls got big enough last month,  I moved them into their own house and yard.  We can't wait for Spring and the blue/green eggs. 

I've looked all summer for a Silky hen and I'm sure there are some around but on a trip to Jamesport (a nearby Amish settlement) we found a Bantam hen and two chicks just the right size for ObiWan.
He certainly seems content.

My newest fabric line samples came in too and now I start each day with Appliqué.
These are blocks from Rufus in the Garden, a BOM that will show at Fall Market.

And this is Coral Bells - both the fabric line and the quilt.  The applique on this one was mainly done by my friend Amy Gertz but I did get to embroider the bird's eyes :)
Obviously there isn't time to do all of the appliqué on the quilts but I try to get a little something on each one.

Fall calls for a new Tablestand Quilt - - -

obviously called "Punkins".
You can order it by clicking here

If you join the Table Stand Club you can get 15% off of all Table Stand quilt kits, stands and headers.
You can join by emailing Tammie at

Fall is here and Market is not far off so "back to work!"

Keep quilting ladies.  :)