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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Sampler Spree Week 7

Top Row: 27, 40, Whale & Stars Applique

Bottom Row: 59, 63, 75

So far the day has been uneventful, thank God, so there's not much to chat about.

Cataract surgery is over, I've picked out my new glasses,  and I don't start the round of surgeries to put the shunt back in until the 13th.  On the 13th I have my first CAT Scan and then the PreAdmission Testing. The actual surgery is scheduled for the 18th and I am definitely ready.  I can't wait to get that fluid off of my brain so I can walk like a normal person again.  Tammy and Terri and I have been working to get as many of the Sampler Spree blocks done as possible so there won't be a big blank spot while I'm on the hospital.  See you next week.


Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Sampler Spree - Week 6

Pieced blocks: 82, 94, 101, 96,
2, 14,  sailboat applique,  

This is a little late today because it has been a very interesting
Every when morning I get up, I of course, visit the restroom and then
go let the dogs out to do the same.
Today when I let Elizabeth and Dobby out the door to the deck,
Elizabeth took off full speed, chasing a chicken.

First I had to chase her down, under the deck and through the wet foliage,
get the chicken away from her and carry the very wet chicken back up
the hill.  Somehow the gate between the yard to the house and the chicken yard
had been left open and the chickens decided to visit.

I've had my exercise for the day and the chickens are safely 
back there they can range without being molested by my dogs.

I need to leave for a doctor's appointment but first wanted to 
show you this cute adaptation of My Little Lavender Chicken birds.
This is Little Chicks by Brittany Davis.

Have a good week ladies 

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Sampler Spree - Week 5

Usually the blog is written the day before

and scheduled to post early but there just 

wasn't time yesterday so here we are today. 

Top Row:  Block 22, Block 31, Block 49, Space
Bottom Row:  Block 71, Block 67, Block 35, Watering Can Applique

I am going to try to be showing the work of some of you using my 
patterns because I enjoy it so much and life has been so stressful lately,
Here is "Patchwork Garden, first by Janice Black and then by Linda Aiken.

One of the reasons life has been so stressful lately is the fact that the doctor who is taking care of the hydrocephalus has been ill himself and hasn't been able to put the shunt back in.  So lets all pray for his
continued health and wellbeing.  My brain and my quilts need him up and running. :). And I'm sure he
would rather feel well just on his own. He's also a very nice man as well as a very talented neurosurgeon :)

Back to quilts, aren't they both awesome?  If you would like me to include one of your quilts in one of our Quilt Shows please send a jpg to janpatekquiltsinc@

See you next week with more of Susan's blocks.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Sampler Spree - Week 4

 Week 4

Top Row: 105, Beeskep Applique block, 8
Bottom Row: 93, 20, 97

Can you tell I really like the Beeskep block -
somehow I used it in 2 sets of blocks in a row.

Pep surprised me this week with sheets
and pillowcases for our bed to match our
50th Anniversary Quilt Clover Meadow.
He ordered the sheets and pillowcases 
(and pillows) from My because
he was sure the purple would match....And boy does it.
You can order the pattern for the big quilt and the
throw pillow (Tree Dancer Pillow) on our website by 
clicking here.  Be sure to search for Tree Dancer Pillow.

Then of course, I had to get my Lavender Little 
Chicken Bird Quilt to go with the rest.
Chantilly immediately claimed it as hers :)

See you next week, ladies.  :)