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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Sampler Spree - Week 4

 Week 4

Top Row: 105, Beeskep Applique block, 8
Bottom Row: 93, 20, 97

Can you tell I really like the Beeskep block -
somehow I used it in 2 sets of blocks in a row.

Pep surprised me this week with sheets
and pillowcases for our bed to match our
50th Anniversary Quilt Clover Meadow.
He ordered the sheets and pillowcases 
(and pillows) from My because
he was sure the purple would match....And boy does it.
You can order the pattern for the big quilt and the
throw pillow (Tree Dancer Pillow) on our website by 
clicking here.  Be sure to search for Tree Dancer Pillow.

Then of course, I had to get my Lavender Little 
Chicken Bird Quilt to go with the rest.
Chantilly immediately claimed it as hers :)

See you next week, ladies.  :)


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