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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Sampler Spree Week 7

Top Row: 27, 40, Whale & Stars Applique

Bottom Row: 59, 63, 75

So far the day has been uneventful, thank God, so there's not much to chat about.

Cataract surgery is over, I've picked out my new glasses,  and I don't start the round of surgeries to put the shunt back in until the 13th.  On the 13th I have my first CAT Scan and then the PreAdmission Testing. The actual surgery is scheduled for the 18th and I am definitely ready.  I can't wait to get that fluid off of my brain so I can walk like a normal person again.  Tammy and Terri and I have been working to get as many of the Sampler Spree blocks done as possible so there won't be a big blank spot while I'm on the hospital.  See you next week.



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  2. Jan....I love your applique blocks!!! I always like to add some appliqued blocks to my quilts also....

  3. Best of luck with your surgery and recovery! I hope all goes smoothly!

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