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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

And It's Still Snowing...................

This is Deuces, Pep's cat, early this morning.  Pep yelled out the window and told him that his camoflauge wasn't working.  

Our house is shaped like an H and the birdfeeders are in the center between the back part of the H.  We have 3 feeder stations - the big bench clear out where the big birds and the deer feed, a medium sized station to the left side ,

and on the right side, up close to the house is a station for the small birds.  Guess where all but the biggest birds were this morning.  :)  Deuces finally gave up and came inside.

Spike and Hunny were already inside.  They ran out to go potty and came right back to the door.  Especially Spike.  That snow is really cold on your tummy.  Spike just isn't very high.

Here's our 3rd "Little House" coaster.  For a chance to win a kit for all 4 coasters, including the floss, go back 2 posts and leave a comment.  I'll draw for a winner on Friday.

This came in an email from White Flower Farm today.  Oh my!  Of course my yard never looks like this even when there isn't snow but one can dream.

Or make a quilt.
This is our Spring Has Sprung wallhanging made out of Audra's Iris Garden.  You can get the pattern or the kit by clicking on the name or here.

Now you need to hop on over and see two of my other favorite sisters, Minick & Simpson.  They just had time to participate in our Hop before leaving for France to be in Quiltmania's big Festival in France.  I'm sure they'll have an awesome time.

 Then go see what Pat Sloan has in store for you 

before hopping over to see one of my all time favorite people

 I dedicated one of the patterns I'm introducing at Spring Market to Sandy and her husband Bruce.  They have always been such nice people, helping us in ways too many to count.  But don't tell her, it's a secret.


  1. That Sandy is a cutie, isn't she! Jan, I love your work; your patterns are always the best.

  2. I love how you set up your feeders. We lost the larger branches on the tree I used, so need to redo the area, maybe some feeder stands.


  3. Love seeing your wildlife, I live in Montana and we have a lot of animals in our yard. I also love, love your patterns and fabric, I am your job security!

  4. Hi Jan, I am trying to find the link to download the Moda friendship block. I clicked on your link, but it took me to the Moda Cutting Table, and I can't find your block there. Can you point me in the right direction, please?

    1. I couldn't get the link to work. If you email Tori at she'll send you the pdf of the block.

  5. That snow is amazing, we dont ever see snow like that in Tasmania where I live. Love your black cat sitting in it!!