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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And the chickens save the day!

This is what it looked like out my front window today. One of the many reasons we live in the country is the beauty around us.

Jason came back yesterday afternoon to see if we needed anything more bladed. He widened the path through the snow up by the office so Tori & Tara could get out of their cars without standing in 10 inches of snow.
We asked him again about payment - at least for the gas - and again he said no. Then I asked him if they needed eggs. They have cows - we have chickens. I took them a couple of dozen eggs that afternoon and we struck a deal. We'll supply them with real farm eggs all year and Jason will keep our drive clear in the winter. Yahoo! One less thing to worry about. And since our chickens lay about a dozen a day in the summer and 4 - 6 a day at this time of year, eggs are not problem for us.
When I went to shut up the chickens last night, I had to have a talk with a couple of hens however. Hens lay eggs in the morning. If they're still in the nest at night it means they're "setting" - trying to hatch them. It really isn't spring yet, ladies.

We're having a Winter Warm-up Sale from today until next Tuesday. All of the winter kits are 15% off. Oh, and we threw in a couple of Flower quilt kits - have to have some hint of spring. (The prices on the Special page reflect the discounted price.)

All of the winter books and patterns are Buy 1, Get 1 Free (of equal or lesser value-yada, yada, yada)

Well, I'm going to walk up my newly bladed drive to the loft and sew. Thank you girls.

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  1. We were supposed to get flurries this afternoon, looked like a lot more than that, lol. Still waiting for the big one to hit tonight, but I will be asleep luckily, so it can snow all it wants;)