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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Well, I guess I won't

Go to church in Kansas City,

And then on to Brian's to watch the ballgame. Or take Cullin and Quinn's snowboots to Max's in KC. They left them here last week. Of course, Kansas City only got about 1 1/2". We got 8.

Or have our friend Mike over for dinner.
Nobody is coming or going anywhere until some of this gets packed down somehow. Last year a couple of our neighbors with 4 wheel drive pickups drove up and down people's driveways to pack them down. Hope they do it again this year. It finally seems
to be tapering off. It's still snowing, but not much.

I will stay at home and blog and sew and enjoy the beauty of the snow - make lemonaid out of lemons.
I did get out yesterday and over to Missouri Star Quilt shop to talk to Jenny for a second. They are planning some really neat retreats. The first one is in April and the theme will be 30's style quilts. If that's your love, I'd go grab a space.
And of course, being around Jenny gave me ideas. It may never come to pass but I got an idea for a quilt for my newest grandaughter, Brooke. It would have yo-yo's for pete's sake.
Here's a Lilac Hill yo-yo that just might end up in it.

Meanwhile, I'm going to plow my way to the loft and play.

Don't forget - join a club before the end of the month. We'll do a drawing for all of
these neat Moda Petit Fours from our club member rosters at the end of January.


  1. Looks like a winter wonderland! Bunny hill designs has a real cute quilt with lots of yoyo's. You might want to look at it to get more ideas.

  2. SueJean is right Bunny Hill has a pattern called YoYo Village! that is snow, ours all melted away this week. So how do I join a club...I wanna win!


  3. The snow is beautiful, but a pain if you want to drive.
    I never go out if I don't have to, not worth the risk.
    Winter is always a good time to relax and quilt.