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Friday, January 7, 2011

January is National "Join a Club" month - at Jan Patek Quilts, that is.

This is the Bible Quilt. It hangs permanently in my studio. I designed this quilt years ago using Harriet Powers antique Bible Quilt as my inspiration. (I left out the aardvarks :) When I originally designed it years ago, I made two of them because of the demand - one to get to use myself and one for Trunk Shows. I have had numerous requests lately to kit it, so I'm making a 3rd one for this year's Mystery Quilt.

Obviously, the original fabrics are long gone but I'm having fun finding current fabrics that still give the feel of the original. I'll probably give it to my church when I'm finished. Anyway, the Mystery Quilt (the Mystery is what fabrics it will be made of) starts in January and we're shipping out the 1st block around the 15th.
So we decided that this is a good time to tell people new to Jan Patek Quilts about our Clubs. Obviously we have a Mystery Quilt Club that's a BOM. We also have a Featured Fabric Club (a large quilt that comes in 4 sections -3 months worth of BOM at a time), a Wallhanging/Throw Club, a Mini Quilt Club, a Quilt of the Quarter Club (a whole large quilt - one every 3 months) and the Fat Quarter Club (9 Fat 1/4's every other month).
And obviously, no one can join them all. We do have some people that try for awhile though. If you join a club, you get a 15% discount on all of the kits in that club. It doesn't cost anything to join - there's no sign-up fee. And you get a Free Scrap Bag with your first kit.
What the clubs do for me is give me a base to use when ordering the fabric. I figure how much fabric I'll need to cover the kits for the club members and then order a few more for general sale. Since I don't have a brick and mortar store, this is a great help to me. So I help you out with a discount.

These are 23 Petit Fours from Moda's new lines that were sent to me by Lissa and Debbie O. from Moda. They are simply great! I'm following Laurie Simpson's lead and doing some "re-gifting". At the end of January, we'll have a drawing of all of our Club members and give the whole set away. If you already belong to a club, your name is already in the pot. If you've been thinking of joining one of the Clubs, now would be a good time to do it. If you want more information go to the Clubs page or click on one of the clubs above and read all about them. If you already know which one you want to join call Tara at 816-632-7632 or email her at
I think the Petit Fours are just awesome. Good luck ladies.

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  1. I figure it will take me all year to finish the ones I started last year, lol.
    I still have patterns from your books I want to make, so lots to do and never enough time.