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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow, snow, snow - Ok already, we've had winter!

Every summer (and I believe I have mentioned a gazillion times before that I hate hot weather), the months right after the 4th of July are a trial for me. I just hold on until the first real tomatoes and then I want a hard freeze. If it freezes and things stop growing we don't have to worry about getting things mowed or canned or whatever and I can go back to my real life and quilt :).

Well, after these last 2 winters I'm beginning to feel the same way about snow. It's great for Christmas - the kids need one or two good snows for sledding and snowmen and then, for Pete's sake that's enough already.
Now, I don't want things to start growing or anything but what's wrong with a couple of months of sunny days in the 40's? That would be a nice winter. :)
As it is, please bear with us. Last week we had 2 days that we were snowed in (and Tara and Tori were snowed out). Then Monday and Tuesday of this week both of them were ill enough that they couldn't work and now we're snowed in and they're snowed out again. So absolutely everything is behind - all of our shipments and orders. Hopefully the maintainer will come by today and clear the road so they can get here tomorrow. They both ran out yesterday and got things to take home to work on so we can ship them asap.

And thank all of you for your kind words and thoughts about my Bully. He is really doing sooooo much better. In fact he's pretty well back to where he was before he got sick. He's on his diuretics, his heart medicine and his new food. With all of those, he pretty well just looks and acts like an older dog (which he is) instead of a very sick, old dog. He even climbed the steps to the loft with me yesterday. I told him firmly not to but he's a bulldog. They don't listen very well. I took this picture of him this morning. You can tell he's older by the loss of muscle mass on his back but other than that, he looks pretty good - to me at least.

This is the Lilly's Hearts Mini I worked on while I was housebound last week. We'll probably ship it out as soon as we can. It's fun and simple enough to get done easily in time for Valentine's Day - - - if the snow will stop! And hearts aren't just for February - love should be with us all year long. It will be a Mini Quilt Club offering and Tori said we have enough fabric to cut 6 extra. So if you want one, I'd order it now.

Oh and be sure to jump over to my friend Deb Strain's new blog and say hi. And check out Moda's Progressive Dinner to see all the new Bake Shop goodies. Make sure you comment each day to get a chance at winning fabric. Fabric is always a good thing.

The walks are shoveled (and the stairs to the loft), the chickens, dogs, cats and birds are fed - Jake's lizard too. He came out with Jake one weekend in December and hasn't gotten back home yet. I can smell the chicken soup bubbling away - dinner is taken care of. So I'm going to go design a quilt. This is the part of winter I love!


  1. I totally get being tired of the winter...but today for least the sun is out even though I walking Enzo in below freezing temps!

    Already checked out Moda's dinner...thank you for the link!


  2. I hate snow and we dont even have any,LOL! Bully looks like he feels better.Hope you can get caught up soon.

  3. Half our snow melted with the rain and tomorrow we are getting more, so that should lay a nice fresh bed. Hoping i can get out and cc ski in the back yard, finally feeling normal enough to want to do something.


  4. I totally agree about winter! I think we are paying the price for so many easy winters. I am working on your Birdsong quilt and just LOVE IT!

  5. I loved cold snowy days, it just always felt like this old world was right and everything in it too. Just think what a glorious Spring awaits you!