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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 2

My - what an awesome experience this is. I just came back to my room after the party for exhibitors given by Quiltmania. Lots of good food and drink. After a day of sitting and stitching and talking with quilters from all over Europe (with the able help of Marion - my sweet interpreter. She's just finishing her studies and eager to improve her English).

Here's the inside of my house - or at least the quilt part. All of the quilts except the one on the bed are in my new book "Country Quilts for your Soul" by Quiltmania.

Brian's Quilt on the left and Noah on the right.

Miami Valley, Christmas 101, Sophie and the Rose Trees, Lilly's Stars, Moon Garden Snow and Winter Star.

Ring Around the Posie, Monkey Wrench, Homespun Stars and Sunny Days
The quilt on the bed is Jubilee. Its not in the book but was featured on a Quiltmania cover.

Blessings Baskets, House on a Hill and Cockscombs and Stars.

And here are Marie Claude (left) of Quiltmania, Petra Prins (middle) author of Treasures from Holland a new Quiltmania book and Carol Veillon (right) editor of Quiltmania. Petra had just won best booth in the show (she also has a shop in Holland and had a booth at the Festival. She won a weekend vacation as the prize for best booth. Wow!


  1. Your quilts are so beautiful. I have the patterns for a few of them and now I need to get busy making them. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  2. I love how they set up the booth, just enough prim items but not too many to distract from your beautiful quilts.


  3. I ordered the book through the link you posted, but now I'm wondering--is the book printed in English? I hope?

  4. Yes, the book is in English - English and French.
    Oh and Denise,thanks for the tip about the 3 prong adapter for the laptop. I got one before I left because sure enough the one I bought was only 2 prong. Wouldn't have been able to plug in the laptop. Thanks again.

  5. What a beautiful quilts, wish I was there.
    And the book, yes I'm going to buy it!!!
    kind regards,

  6. Wonderful quilts! The book is on my wishlist.

  7. Wowie! Wowie! Wowie! Nothing short of hyperventilating here this morning! lol! I think your country quilt book is a MUST HAVE!!! Can't wait to get my copy of it! :-)

  8. You've outdone yourself. The quilts are wonderful.

  9. Beautiful quilts! Did you know that I couldn't reach your store today? Link not working, 4/29/11 5:00 pm. Hope it will be working soon. Thanks.