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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Next Door Neighbors

In 4 hours I'll be getting a "wake-up" call from the front desk to start my journey home. I have enjoyed my stay in Nantes tremendously but am excited about going home. I thought I'd give you a short run through of my neighboring "houses" at the exposition.

First is Petra Prins. I posted the link to her book Treasures from Holland the other day. I don't have her picture with her quilt here because she had a booth too. Her quilts and Petra who I've known for years from Market, are indeed a Treasure.

And don't we all know who this is. Becky wasn't in her house and the picture of Linda didn't turn out well - camera problems - but I did get a couple of pictures of their awesome quilts.

And everyone in Europe is looking for a couch like the one Carol found to go with this quilt.

Bonnie Sullivans "house" and book are awesome as usual.

And this is Shuziko Kohuro - I hope I spelled that right - and some of her awesome indigo quilts.

Across from my house was the house of Yoko Saito. The detail in her quilts just blew me away.

Yoko Saito.

The title of her book is My Quilting Life, Past and Present. This is one of the cover quilts. I'm honored to have been apart of that, however small.

And this is Caroline Courtier. I worked closely with Caroline in the publication of my book. I showed a picture of Carol Veillon - the editor of Quiltmania the other night with Petra. It has been a joy both working with and visiting Quiltmania and the people of France. Thanks to you all.


  1. What a wonderful show, wish they had it in the states. And lucky you, being able to meet Yoko and see her quilts, I love her style and love the ones you have shown. She has such a wonderful way with folk and the fabrics she uses.


  2. Thanks for sharing pics of the show! Do you know if any of those books are going to be available in the States? I really want to get Yoko Saito's book and her quilt on the cover is gorgeous! Right away when I saw it, I thought, those are Jan's people and the church on that quilt! I love it!! Glad you had a hand in it.

  3. thank you for sharing.I saw some photo's Lynette Anderson has shared also.Looks like fun!

  4. Thanks for sharing your time in France, just wish I had been able to get there... maybe next time.

  5. I wish you a safe trip home Jan, it was wonderful meeting you in Nantes en taking your class (on thursday). My star and tree are on the pillow, now I'm starting with the house.
    A hug from Sandra & Hubertine, the 2 girls from Holland who came by every day in your 'house';0))