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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Setting up Day

At the beginning of the day the best thing for me to do was stay out of their way. Which I gladly did. I went in search of a cooler for my room. They have a refrigerator in the room but it has no freezer and no ice. I like ice. There's a supermarket close by but the one that would have something like a cooler was about a 20 minute walk away - so they said.

It was a beautiful day so I took off walking in the general direction of the store. You need to be careful where you walk. This is the general size of cars. A lot of places that seem to be sidewalks are really one way roads.

I thought this was awesome. A good ole Kansas windmill by the river in Nantes - two of them in fact.
I never did find the store - I'll just go to the front desk and get a big glass of ice whenever I need it.

When I got back to my "house" this table was sitting in it along with some awesome furniture and my quilts. I must say, it raised my eyebrows a bit. Carol is good but I wasn't sure how she was going to fit this in with my things :)

Walking around the booths I found a "not pink" booth and stopped to chat. Most people here speak some English.

This looks like a booth Cherie might like to visit - pink or not.

At the end of the day the welcoming booth was up and I found my chandelier and feathers. Looks much better here than at my place.


  1. Definitely a lot of pink, lol.
    It all looks wonderful though and looks like you will be having a lot of fun meeting new people from around the world.


  2. Hi Jan, I am loving the pictures and I wish I was there...sigh! Everything looks amazing and I hope you found your ice and are getting some sleep. Things here are great and I MISS you. Be good and come home safe! Jenny