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Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding Day

It was pretty quiet today at our exhibit. The main exhibit over here was in England and everywhere else people were glued to their TVs. We few however were in class learning the basics of Needleturn Applique. And they don't have freezer paper over here. I'm not sure how quilters survive.

The lady in the pink shirt is my interpreter, Valerie. She is a jewel. She's French but lived in the United States for awhile and working with her has been really great. Thanks Valerie.

And the man taking the picture with his big camera is Guy - the Quiltmania photographer. And he is pretty awesome too. I know from past experience how difficult it is to photograph my quilts with the brown and grey tones. The pictures of my quilts in the book are right on - just plain excellent. Thank you, Guy.
This is what happened when he stopped by class for a picture. All of us handed him our cameras. If you've got an expert in the area, utilize him.

Here are the last 2 of my quilts that are hanging on the outside by Yoko's house. This is Coming Home Again.

And beside it is Flower Patch. Tomorrow I'll try to go across the hall to Yoko's house and up to the other houses. I may have to wait until I get home to post them all. It gets tired out here :)


  1. With all of the booths, new friends and demonstrations, I can imagine how much running around, you are doing. That cute french photographer was enough to make my day, lol.


  2. I really LIKE the "Coming Home Again" quilt...awesome. Finding a great photographer is A REAL FIND!!

  3. In Anglesey in Wales we survive by ordering online from the US or waiting a loooong time for the local shop to get supplies in! The main problem then is the price - it seems they just turn the dollar sign into a pound sign which means it's expensive. An advantage of living here though is that we have Prince William and his lovely bride living about 10 miles away! Wish I was in Nantes at the moment though.

  4. I really love the class with you ! I'm back in Paris. Have a nice trip back home !

  5. Thank you Jan for the wonderful time I had with you and thank you so much for your kindness! Valerie

  6. Wow! I was thinking about gifting my cousin something like this only. It’s her wedding this month in one of the DC wedding venues and gifting her a handmade quilt will be cute! Thanks for sharing this post, my mind has started working now. Also, tell me more about it and from where I can get it.