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Monday, April 25, 2011

I made it and the computer works!

Boy, do I need sleep but I'm here. Kansas City to Chicago - 1 1/2 hrs - small plane and bouncy flight. Don't particularly like bounces when I'm that far up in the air but we made it - really with no problem.
Then I walked at least 6 million miles to the gate for my flight to Madrid. BIG plane this time and a very smooth 8 hour flight. Had an extremely nice seatmate name Jessi (or Jessie). She and her husband live in Spain at the moment - they're originally from Puerto Rico. He's in the Marines and presently stationed in Spain. She speaks Spanish fluently and took me under her wing during the flight and aiport in Madrid experience. Thanks Jessi and best of luck to you and your husband and cats. The flight was smooth and they served us both dinner and then breakfast. The dinner was yummy and I nibbled on the fruit and drank coffee for breakfast. They're 7 hours ahead over here so it was breakfast time but not according to my body. Only a few hours sitting up sleep on the plane.

This is the airport at Madrid. I thought that all airports were pretty well alike but this one sure made short with that theory. I had to stop and get my camera out of my carryon to take this picture. The only problem with the awesome ceilings is that you can get messed up with the moving sidewalks if you're staring at the ceiling. :)
Then another short flight to Nantes. Another small plane but the weather cooperated -not so bouncy. I slept most of the short hour flight.

I'm in Nantes. After a shower and a short nap, I got the computer up and running and talked with Pep on Skype. He's usually with me and I sure miss him. But he need to drive me to Salt Lake City for Market when I get home.

The Quiltmania group is running around like busy bees setting up for the Festival. I would help but I would only get in the way. I did make Carol open one of the boxes and give me one of my books.

They did an awesome job. I just love it to pieces. I'm going to make all of them sign my copy - I'm really thrilled with it.

I'm trying to stay up all day to get accustomed to Nantes time so I took my little legs that look like sausages after the plane trip for a walk.

Here's a couple of things I'd like to explore if I have time.
And it's 7:30 here now so I'm going to eat dinner and go to bed.

And thanks, Max, for all the work you did so I could figure out how to blog over here. Believe me ladies, it wouldn't have been done without him.


  1. Welcome to France!! Weather forecast is looking good for the rest of the week so I hope you enjoy your time here.

  2. Jan, glad you made it after such a long flight. Great pictures, you're doing great with the blog.

  3. So glad you made it to France and can get online too. Looks like a wonderful place, so hope you can get out and enjoy some of the beautiful scenery.


  4. What an adventure! Have a great time. We won't see you in Salt Lake. I sure wish we were going.


  5. Welcome in France ! I will have a lesson with you on next friday ;-)

  6. Helene - Great I'll have a translator there but will need all the help I can get. Everyone here has been so nice. One of the girls at the hotel keeps apologizing because her English isn't better. I keep telling her - "Honey - we're in France!"
    Thanks Sunny, Nancy, Debbie and all. I really appreciate all of your support.
    Laurie - I know you're snowed under or you & Polly would be there but do know that you'll be missed. You're part of the Moda family and our Market experience. Won't be the same without you.
    Gonna go to bed and sleep for years - or maybe 8 hours - in a bed!

  7. Happy you made a safe flight.
    Your blogging looks great back here in Missouri.
    Enjoy your time there.

  8. What an airport, I think you would get dizzy looking up and walking along.
    Have a wonderful time on your trip, its fun to get some peeks along your way.

  9. Jan glad you made it safe and sound...have fun! take lots of pictures!!!!
    oh and I hope you bring back some of your books to sell, I know I need one!

  10. Welcome in France, Jan ! Hope you'll love our country ! ;-)
    What a chance for all who will meet you ! Unfortunately, I can't come to Nantes... A next time, I hope !
    Have a good stay in France !

  11. So excited to keep up with the future posts so I can vicariously live through your adventure!

  12. What a wonderful opportunity to see part France. Enjoy!

  13. What an experience. I have a son who spent a short time in Nantes. He loved it. That wavy ceiling in the Madrid airport would have my vertigo going wild. I hope you have time to do some of the things that YOU want to do.