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Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 11 - Kansas Troubles.

This is not Lynne - it's Wilhamina. :) (Sorry, Lynne, I just couldn't resist it.) Obviously Wilhamina Witch. She might work quite well in the back hall. She's available as a kit (we have a very few left) or a pattern (we have more of those.) But she'll probably come with us to Des Moines. She's a good little witch and wants to go.

This is Lynne - a very nice lady

and her husband Robert. She says he's the one on the right.

You need to hop on over to her blog and see some of the neat things from the Kansas State Fair. I particularly liked the Duct Tape Division. Wow! Pep would have gone wild. He loves duct tape. He says it's like the "Force" - it has a dark side and a light side and holds the universe together. And I'm sure that's not original with him. :)

And while you're visiting her blog and seeing the sights at the Fair make a try at her giveaway of precuts from her new line, Cattails & Clover.

Here's her recipe from Market.

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