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Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 14 of County Fair - Barbara Brackman

First, here's "Shoo Crow!", the quilt that's hanging in the back hall. It won't be going to Arkansas or Iowa but is staying home to make us happy when we head to the back of the house. The pattern for it is in We Gather Together, one of my Kansas City Star books.

It's officially Fall at our house - the summer quilts have been folded and taken to the loft and the Fall quilts put in place yesterday. This is Oak Leaves and Turkey Feathers. If you want the pattern you're in luck because it's in Country Paths and Country Paths is our special this month.

The foyer quilts are hung on a board that's painted the same color as the wall. Then the board hangs on hooks on the wall. We used to hang each quilt on the wall but Pep came up with this idea. It's a lot easier to take the board down to take one quilt off and put another on.

Except - of course - when you have help.

Boy, did I get a dirty look when I told Spike he couldn't make a bed on the quilts.

Today is Barbara Brackman's day on the Blog Hop. Besides being a great fabric designer she is, of course, an awesome historian. Her blog is always full of interesting information and today is no exception.

And her free pattern is for a 60's retro Chicken Potholder. I loooove it!!! I have got to find time somehow, somewhere to make some. I'd say somebody could make some for me for Christmas but I'm the only one in the family that sews. Maybe I could talk Wendy into making some for me. And I even want her retro fabric. That I know where to get.

And speaking of finding time to do things, this will be my last post for awhile - except, of course, for my day on the 23rd.
I'm getting ready to leave for Ft. Smith, Arkansas and the Arkansas Quilt Congress. First I'll take Spike down to see my brother (the veterinarian) in Springfield, Mo. for an overall puppy checkup. Then on to Ft. Smith to teach 2 workshops on the 23rd and give a lecture on the 24th.
I'll pick Spike up on the way home, get here Sunday and leave Monday for Des Moines, Iowa and the AQS Festival there from Wed. 28th - Oct. 1st. - Booth 100
If you're in either area - come visit, please.
Then I need to get ready for Market - the fabric from our new line is due here that week.

I am getting my blog ready to post on the 23rd and both Michele and Tori will make sure it's posted.

Meanwhile there are lots of great things in store for you on the Moda County Fair Blog Hop. Click here (or on the button on the right) to see what's going on each day.


  1. I look forward to each quilt on your posts and thank you for reminders to check the blog hop! Sounds like you are going to be soooooo busy, wish I were in the area because it would be fun to stop by. Unfortunately, I live too far away! I love the picture of Spike, he sure does look upset! Have a good time and a safe trip.

  2. Spike is too funny...LOL! All your fall quilts are absolutely fabulous, thank you for the postings.

  3. Love "Shoo Crow!" Spike is so cute. He certainly knows how to broadcast his feelings. LOL! Love the gorgeous quilt, too.

  4. LOVE Spike, Wish you could tote him along to market!
    Be seeing you

  5. Love that spike! I'm planning on making the chicken during R&R. Just a little project. It's almost as cute as Spike.

  6. Love you're quilts keep up the good work.

  7. I just love that look on Spike's face! My two Maltese have similarly expressive faces, and boy do you know when they're not happy!

  8. I like your blog, Spike is sooooo cute. And your quilts are fantastic. With best regards from Slovenia.

  9. Love the fabric, and (I feel so redundant after everyone else)love Spike too :)

  10. I love your fabric designs!!!
    Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  11. Love your fabrics and the Country Paths book is special! Looking forward to it!

  12. I love your fabrics. Thank you for the give-away!