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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 3 - Me and My Sister

No - this isn't Barb and Mary :)
Sorry girls. That will teach you to beat me up with your suitcase at Market. (It really was an accident but I like to give them grief.)
It is Donder and Blitzen. We thought we were out but we found one kit in the wrong bin. If you want it click here. There is only one so first come, first served.

And we found 2 Pumpkin Wreath kits.

Always a favorite of mine. Click here if you want one of them. Again first come, first served.

Now on to Barb and Mary - really nice people and great fun. I love their blog post today. Just to let you know - I am NOT doing the pie thing on my day. Nope. :)
I do love their napkin ring idea so jump on over to their blog, catch up on their antics and get their pattern.
Here's their recipe from Market.


  1. I have that pattern, that I got last year, so now I can make it this year. I thought it was a fun pattern and maybe I will make the tree, whonky, lol.


  2. I am not receiving responses to emails sent to janpatekquilts at yahoo dot com concerning non-receipt of two blocks of the month. I know you have a lot going on but I would like to have this issue resolved. Thank you!

  3. We're backed up on the emails there since we were out of town last week. Email me at and we'll try to track your order down. I'll also need the name you ordered it under. I'm sure you want your blocks and I'm sure we want to get them to you :) Jan