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Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 4 Camille Roskelley of Bonnie & Camille

This isn't Camille's house, it's mine - only mine isn't blue except in this quilt. I thought I'd start each day's post with a quilt that makes me happy and well, most all of them do. This is Happy Hollow and it's getting ready to go on the wall in my foyer where I can see it every day so I thought I'd show it to you too. If you want a kit, we only have 2 left. Once again, first come, first served. The pattern is in We Gather Together if you miss getting a kit or just want to use your stash.
I do so love Fall and we are having gorgeous weather.

And speaking of gorgeous, you need to hop on over to Camilles and meet her family and see her quilts. And get the story behind her dish soap bottle apron. She has the pattern for us too.

To get her pattern and a chance to win some "Ruby" jelly rolls click here.

Here's the recipe she brought to Market. Sounds yummy! I'll have to get Pep to make one.

I'm going to the dentist today to get my teeth deep cleaned. And it's such a pretty day! Well, at least my dentist is my son and he's taking me to lunch first. :) And I get to play with my grandkids. Gabriel and Lilly are both in preschool already - they grow up soooooo fast.
Have a good one ladies.


  1. Now that sounds like a dentist I would like, lol.


  2. I had a deep cleaning done last year, it is sooooo worth it! I like that he is taking you to lunch first, how sweet is that! Enjoy the grands and thanks for the daily post so I don't forget and miss a day of the hop.

  3. I wish my dentist was my son - what a bonus. I have a college teacher, a cook, and a security manager. I guess I can't complain.