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Saturday, September 3, 2011

My oh My! What a Mess!

I decided that this was an apt quilt to describe things at the moment. Fiesta - you were correct. For some reason Paypal is sending notification of payment to That was our email address at the old website. I have no idea where they got it or why they started all of a sudden using it. We didn't even take Paypal at that website. Aargh.
Luckily we have a way of cross referencing things now that we know there is a problem. Our store also has an orders page and we'll go back over our old orders and doublecheck things.
Mary from Lake Pulaski, I found your order there and we'll send it out Tuesday.

I also know that we were having trouble with the store deciding all by itself to charge a "handling" fee. We have Flat Rate shipping - there is no handling fee. Byron was refunding the "handling" charge amount so you may have gotten an invoice from us that differed from the PayPal invoice. It should have been lower. If you have gotten an email invoice from us, it means your order was shipped. It may have said "Payment is Due" but that's Quickbooks with their templates, I guess. Kind of like "Word" will capitalize or uncapitalize words for you without you knowing it. We live on "Last Drive". When I give directions, lots of people at first would try to figure out how they were supposed to know which one was the last drive. We figured it out and fixed it.
Just for your info, for those of you who don't know, we're not a retail store with a large staff. We're not really a store at all. I'm just a designer who started kitting a few things when people wanted them. We try to be efficient and get things out in a timely manner. And the post offices in rural areas like the one we live in seem to have gone bonkers since March so getting things mailed at all has turned into quite a challenge. We can take them to the post office but where they go from there is anyone's guess. We think we have that figured out and fixed but occasionally there is still a glitch.
And last week my nephew (brother's son) died suddenly. My daughter and another nephew and this one were all born the same year. We will miss him.
And my only sister is having surgery and chemo for breast cancer. Since her husband died a few years ago, I'm her main support and driver.
When things like that happen, we have to stop and take time for life and we don't always have time to answer emails immediately - that is, if they don't go to the wrong address. I know it's frustrating and I do apologize and we can only do what we can do.
I don't usually blog about things like this, but I can understand people's frustration at not getting what they ordered in a timely manner.
We just got things somewhat back to a routine and now we need to figure out what orders we're missing and why the old address got used at all.
Tomorrow I'm going to church with my grandkids and family. The rest of this Labor Day Weekend, we'll see what we can figure out. Luckily Pep's off - he can cook. :)
And I WILL take time to stitch. It keeps me sane.


  1. Hang in there Jan and take one step at a time. Go to church, do some stitching and then deal with the rest. Thank you!

  2. Jan I am glad that you were able to get my email and looked into it. Iam
    Looking forward to getting my order especially since it was my birthday present.

  3. My deepest sympathies for your loss. So sorry your family is dealing with sadness and uncertainty. Sounds like you are being the rock for your siblings, and I know they appreciate your support. I wish you the best as you navigate the rough days ahead. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  4. If it's not one thing it's two. Or more in your case!! Thanks for explaining to everyone. I'm still waiting on my scraps and am really looking forward to sewing with them.

  5. Sounds like you need some time for yourself and family, we all need to do that sometimes.


  6. Hang in there Jan. And please take a moment for yourself when you can. When I was undergoing treatment for breast cancer 12 years ago, the most helpful thing were the meals people brought to us. Also the changing of sheets. Currently I give my husband hemodialysis at home. You can do it.......but take care of yourself too!! Janie, Durham CA

  7. Jan, take time to stand still, be with family, the orders can wait, your customers will and should understand.

  8. Jan, I don't have an order pending or a lost e-mail. I just enjoy your designs and your blog and I feel your pain. I wish you well as you navigate this difficult time