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Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 4 - Deb Strain, Barbara Brackman & Venessa of V& Co.

First and Foremost I want to say what a great time I had meeting everyone and showing the Crossroad Quilts at the Crossroads Quilt Shop in Cameron Saturday morning.  We showed quilts, chatted and ate the cookies Linda and Marie made for us.  They were awesome - both the cookies and Linda and Marie.  The quilts stayed at the shop for awhile so if you didn't get a chance to see them and still want to, you can drop by and say hi to the quilts and to Linda and Marie :)

And for the ladies who wanted to come to Girl Gang Thursday at 6:00, we're looking forward to having you.  If you couldn't remember my email address just email Tori at and she'll send you directions.  Anyone who wants to get in on the applique is welcome, just let us know you're coming and what learning level you're at.

The Crossroads pattern I'm featuring today is the Snow Day BOM.  

It's a Snow Day for the schools but parents still need to go to work so the grandkids go to the farm.

I thought it would be a good quilt to follow the tutorial on Circles.  If you didn't catch it on the post Friday you can go back to it or click on the snowman head on the left side of the blog.

Now making the circles for the berry stems and the snowman basket mouth should be a lot easier.  At least I hope so.  The snowman mouth uses 3/4" mailing tabs, by the way.

And here are Brooke, Gabriel and Lilly (3 of Brian's 4 kids).  Brooke is the one in the yellow hat because "lellow" is her favorite color.  She just turned 3.

And the 3 on the toboggan are Cullen, Quinn and Aidan (Max's boys).  The original 3 on a toboggan in Snowbound were Brian, Kelly and Max.

Obviously I make them mine but I do invite you to make the quilt your own by adding or subtracting the number of kids or grandkids.  

You can order the pattern or one of the few kits we have by clicking here.

The quilt kit we have on special today is Sunflower Daze.  We're in the middle of them here in Missouri but Pumpkin Days aren't far off  :)

And That's what happens when you don't read things all the way through.  I got an "error" message when I was posting.  I thought it just hadn't saved the top part so I typed it again, but now I see that it didn't save the bottom of the post either.
What it should have said was...........

"Now let hop on over and see what Deb and Barbara and V&Co. are up to.  Something interesting I'm sure.....and lucrative if you like fabric.:).  Just love the Moda give-aways."
I'll put this at the top of tomorrow post too.  Sorry ladies...... the computer ate my homework.  It took out all my links.  


  1. Good day Jan!
    Who knew! LOL. I just picked up one of my blocks for Snow Day BOM from my LQS. I viewed the circles and oval tutorial (which I thought was very helpful) and prepared my freezer paper patterns yesterday. I will be putting them to fabric today. It is a charming little quilt.
    TFS and I enjoy your style of quilts.

  2. Hi Jan,
    I am coming to Missouri on the 26th, where will you be then?