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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Size Matters - Day 6 - Kathy Schmitz, Minick & Simpson, Primitive Gatherings

We are moving right along with this Blog Hop - 6 days already.
And I can't wait to see what these guys are giving away.  I'll bet I can't enter though - darn.

The Crossroads pattern I'm showcasing today is Snowbirds and StarTrees - another one of my favorite.

This is simply one of my very favorite fabric lines.  But then again, they always are.  Someone asked Linda once what her favorite quilt was.  "The one I'm working on - always" was what she replied.  She's a pretty smart lady, she is.

And the quilt kit on special today is "Autumn Kisses and Hugs"

The quilt is made of a combination of my fabrics and a line by Kathy Schmitz so I thought it was an appropriate choice for today.

Sometimes the picture on the pattern gets the colors right but sometimes it doesn't.  Color printing is a very mysterious thing to me.

I really like the fabrics in this quilt so I brought it down to the house and took some pictures that showed the fabric colors more accurately.
I found the "X" block at an antique booth at Festival in Rosemont one year.  I hadn't ever seen the block before but really had fun with the X's and O's theme.

I made Autumn Kisses and Hugs, Winter Hugs & Kisses and Garden Kisses and Hugs.

And once again, Lori's quilting just makes the quilt.

And speaking of Kathy Schmitz, lets hop on over and see what she's been doing.  She's at a Buggy Barn Retreat with no internet reception but things are preset to post -  God willing and the creek don't rise.  Good luck Kathy.  
Then, of course, we need to catch up with Polly & Laurie of Minick and Simpson and Lisa of Primitive Gatherings.

It's a great day for hopping.

And in the midst of hopping and blogging I just realized that it's 9-11.  
We hold in our hearts and memories all of the fallen. 
 God bless.


  1. Both of the quilts are darling. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I do love that quilt, simple but beautiful.


  3. Look at the stars in the 1st quilt, I can do that! looking good Jan!