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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Size Matters - Day 9 - Kansas Troubles & Aneela Hooey.

Boy - what a day.  Kelly and I took Zoie shopping for volleyball shorts, kneepads and headbands.  Luckily the school provides the tops.  How many of you have been shopping with a 13 year old girl?  I think we went through every pair of spandex shorts in the mall.  But we finally found some shorts that met her approval and the schools requirements, a couple of tops for practices, kneepads and some headbands that will work until we can find something better.  

That done, we had lunch at around 3:00 and came home.

So I want to back up a little.  

This is Linda from my Girl Gang.  Linda comes to the meeting each month, picks up her block, sits and chats for 2 hours but she never does any applique.
This month she brought a couple of quilts she's been working on.
The top on is crosstitch and is a King sized quilt.
I thought it was a good day to post it, following Alma's blog post.

This one is a bit smaller but the embroidery is absolutely stunning.  The fabric is all French General.  We told her she could bring her embroidery from now on.  I think she just likes the fabric company.  

The Crossroads pattern for today is "Let It Snow".  They were supposed to be little snowman blocks but they grew.  

Quilts have a mind of their own sometimes.

And I just love Lori's quilting as usual.  Snowflakes in the snowmen

and squiggles in the trees.

The little quilt on special is Sunflowers and Scarecrows.

I need to take the dogs on their run and my walk so we need to get hopping.  One hop is quite a distance - Aneela Hooey from the UK - and the other just a half a state away - Lynne from Kansas Troubles.

If you haven't already done it, be sure to go back to my post on the 6th and make a comment for a chance at the Crossroads precuts.  
Then sometime before Tuesday morning, subscribe to my tutorial channel for a chance at the Rose Urn Kit (see yesterday).

Have a good rest of the weekend and see you Monday.


  1. I love the Let It Snow pattern! Is there any chance you will have a kit for it?

    1. We might be able to do a few - but not many. Email Tori at and tell her I said to see if we could get you one.

  2. I just finished my pumpkin piece, so tomorrow I will add the batting and get it quilted.


  3. Pretty little quilt. I really like the flowers and berries in the corners too.

  4. Very nice job Linda! That is one BIG cross stitch top! What were her embroidery blocks of? I'd like to find something that would be fun to do. Your snowmen in Let It Snow are really cute!

  5. has the best spandex for teenagers. Headbands also.
    My daughter started the co. when her daughters couldn't find any fun spandex to wear. Love your patterns and blog.

  6. Oh my goodness! That first quilt is cross stitch? I enlarged the pic and still can't believe my eyes! I do have the pattern for the bird embroidered one... i love little birds... just need to get fabric for that to get a start on it... Also LOVE the Let it Snow and Sunflowers and Scarecrows... Quilting and stitching sure does the trick for me! Love it all! :-)

  7. Thanks for the heads-up on the spandex. Hers had to be solid black - but she could have a colored waistband because it won't show. and she wanted only.........yada, yada,yada. I will go up and look at the headbands though. Her hair is shoulder length and she wears it up but needs to keep it out of her eyes when she gets active. And volleyball is active. Thanks again.