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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day - 2014

It snowed 12 inches here yesterday.

The chickens elected to just stay in their house today - 
no sitting in the sun on a log - they couldn't find it.

My cat, Wendy has also decided it's nicer inside since the snow is over a cat deep.  
Here she is at the kitchen window.  Pep says she's watching Food Network :).  Not really, she's belled.
(You can see how deep the snow is by looking at the top of the birdbath.) 

After giving the chickens food and water I decided to go back to the house through the garden.  The snow was really deep there

but where I go -  the dogs go.  Dobby didn't like it much there - especially after Spike walked over him to get to me.  I picked Dobby up about then and carried him. 

The maintainer (road grader for city folk) has been by so we only have our 200 ft driveway to contend with.  Hopefully our neighbor will come by soon with his bobcat and clear it for us.  It is nice to have nice neighbors.  He says he does it because we never complain when his cows are in our front yard.  :)  I think he's just nice.

Then Zoie and Cullen and Quinn will be able to get here.  I don't think there will be a snowman this time though.  The snow is very dry and powdery and doesn't stick together.  
It will be great for snowboards and toboggans and we have both - along with a long hill down to the woods.

And this is "Snow Day" about just what is going on today and this week.  Soooooo….. both the pattern and the kit are on sale until next Wednesday for 15% off.  It was a really fun quilt to design and to  make.  To get yours click here or on the quilt name above.

And now that I'm back inside until chores this evening, I'll put on some chicken soup.  Then I get to sit and design and do a little stitching till time to gather eggs.
The deadline for Spring Market looms.
Stay warm and keep stitching, ladies.


  1. Oh I hope the soup was not made with your chickens? I love chickens, they are so funny and pretty. I love that new pattern as I love all your creations..

    1. Maggey, I love chickens too, especially my hens. They always get to retire. They've already paid their way on a working farm with their eggs. And thanks, I'm glad you like my quilts. I do too.
      Stay warm and keep quilting. :)