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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Knoxville Expo

Max (my youngest son) and I had a really nice time in Knoxville at the AQS Expo - after we got things set up, that is. When we arrived late the first set-up day, we found that somehow we had been cancelled out and our booth had been given to someone else.

But - they did have another double booth we could have because someone had cancelled.
There was only one problem with it - it had a huge pillar in the center. If you look, you can see it, at the top of the picture above my name sign. And, of course, it came into the booth, not just behind it. So, instead of having two 10' x 10' booths, I had one that was about 10' x 14' and one that about 10' x 6' with a walkway in front of the pillar in between. They were very helpful, though and said they would do anything we needed in the way of steel, drapes and tables.

Since the configuration of the booth was different than anything I had had before, set up the 2nd day was interesting to say the least. Max was awesome as we moved things and moved things until we got it just right. And the people at the convention center were very helpful as we exhanged table to get different sizes to aid the trafficflow through the booth. Actually, it worked out pretty well, as I usually set up a closet at one end to keep all of the totes with kits in. I set it up to one side of the pillar and put the table where I do the Needleturn Demonstrations at the front of that end. Then we had the other end and in front of the pillar for tables and baskets with kits.

I only go to one Festival or Expo a year. With Wholesale Markets, fabric and pattern designing and overseeing the business part, to say nothing of the farm, I'm pretty pressed for time. But I do really enjoy getting out once a year and showing people how simple and relaxing needleturn can be with just a few simple tips. I give 2 demonstrations each day and can usually handle about 6 people at a time - with lots of onlookers. And I always have people say "This really is fun and pretty easy." I never have figured out how to tell people in a book - it's a real hands-on thing. And that's also why I don't like the bigger classes either. I need to sit down with people, show them how to do inside and outside points on a star, curves on a bird, etc. and then watch what they do and fix it if it's wrong. And most people - even if they have never done applique before, leave with a newfound skill. And that makes me feel warm inside.

It takes me about a week after I get home before things are in place again and I'm ready to work on any scale. And this last week has also been spent proofing my next KC Star book. "Flags of the American Revolution" . I should say, our book. You will not believe the amount of research and writing my editor Edie McGinnis has done on the history part. Where I had a paragraph on most of the flags, she has researched and written a page of history on each one. I tried to get her to have her name on the cover too but she wouldn't, said she was happy with her name on the writing pages. And I have learned not to argue with Edie. Anyway - her work has made an awesome addition to the book and I really think it's one you will want for the history alone. Of course, I do like the quilts too.
I'd better get back to proofing - it's what I'm supposed to be doing today. Just thought I'd take a break and say "hi". "Hi!"


  1. Your booth looks great with all your beautiful quilts.
    Your new book sounds interesting, I will keep a look out, for it.


  2. I think you and Max did a great job. As someone who used to do the craft show circuit with Dear Hubby, I know that sometimes you never know what you may wind up with. Talk about "monitor and adjust"! Sometimes half the stuff we took with us was for "what ifs". Love all the stuff in the booth, too!

  3. what is the name of that quilt behind you in the first picture?? gorgeous!!!

  4. Hi, Jan! I'm with all your other posts! Your quilts are beautiful! I've been a fan for a long time. I made the quilt, Snowbound, a few blocks modified to represent my African-American family and our love of ice skating, years ago. We almost finished the top at a NEROQ quilt getaway weekend. It was great and my family loved it! I'm currently working on your Bible quilt pattern. I really enjoy your style of larger primitive pieces and how beautifully your patterns work out. I hope to post a few of my efforts at a later date. Thank you for such creative and interesting patterns.

  5. By the way, how do I become an official member of the "Girl Gang"?