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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Finally - yes finally - I decided on a name

First - thanks to all of you for all of the wonderful ideas for names for the quilt. I know I said I would pick a name for the Featured Fabric Quilt Tuesday but I just couldn't make up my mind because there were so many that I liked.
I finally narrowed it down to Over the Meadow and Through the Year (it came by email) and Primberry Hill. I think we're going with Over the Meadow but I'll award prizes to both because I want to keep Primberry Hill for later.
Ladies, could you please email your information to Byron at If the person who sent "Over the Meadow" is getting the quilt, your first month is free. Otherwise, you both get free Fat 1/4 bundles. And thanks again to everyone for your awesome ideas.

I am over winter. It is officially spring - no matter what the date is and no matter what the weather is like outside. I changed my quilt in the foyer (that post is red, the flash lightens it) and that makes it spring to me. This is Patchwork Garden and I am ready. :) Not for mowing the grass though, not quite.


  1. Several of the quilters in my guild have made your Patchwork Garden in Kaffe Fasset Fabrics. Really looks wonderful!

  2. Love the Patchwork Garden!
    I'm excited - I submitted the name Primberry Hill!

  3. That's a beautiful quilt and I'm ready for spring too. I love your attitude :D

  4. I so agree with you...spring starts the day I hang up and put out the spring quilts!!! Even if I do it in February!

  5. Jan! I Love that Patchwork Garden quilt! We had the pattern in the shop a couple years ago, and I had wanted to make it, but never did! I'll have to see if I brought one home for myself! If not, I'll order one!
    Jeni Gaston

  6. The name choice 'Over the Meadow and Through the Year' is PERFECT for this quilt!! Brilliant!