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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Of Cabbages & Kings

I know I'm a little behind everyone but I've finally had the time and energy to blog about Market  and -----  Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--
Of cabbages--and kings--
And why the sea is boiling hot--
And whether pigs have wings."

Well, probably not all of that but a bit has happened since we left for Market.
First -- Market.  It was a good one - and in Kansas City, Mo. -  close which was a good thing.  Usually Kelly takes care of the house and animals, etc. when we're at Market but she was out of town this spring so we got to drive home every night and take care of dogs, chickens, etc.  I must say, Spike approved.  :)  

 Here I am in the booth with those awesome Buggy Barn Girls.

And here is the picture Lynne's husband Robert took for me when we all had our picture taken.  Moda's design team - or most of them - including our fearless leaders Cheryl Freydberg and Mark Dunn.

And here we all are after Lissa Alexander passed out our mustaches.  Quite charming, don't you think? Reminds me of Hercule Poirot.  And thanks, Robert for the pictures.


Here's a goody to watch for.  We usually do a Designer's Schoolhouse and this year we were to design a block or little quilt using the new Moda Candy packets.  Each Candy packet is a 2 1/2" square of all the fabrics in our newest line.  This booklet contains all of the patterns for the Candy projects of all the newest lines.  Moda gave us little "Candy" packets to hand out at Market.  I put a bunch of the packets back to trade with other designers and to give out to you all when our line "Fellowship" ships.  So watch my blog in August for giveaways - mostly of Fellowship but of some of the other lines too.  Pretty sure I'll have a little kit of mine and the project book and Candy packets I collected from some of the others.

Here I am after lunch the last day of Market.  I always take a 10-15 minute power nap after lunch and believe me, at Market I need it.  So I always bring my chair, my footstool and, of course, a quilt for my nap.  And, also of course, someone had to take a picture and send it to me.    Which was fine.  :)  I need my nap and I've earned it!

Back at home, laundry done and quilts and kits back in place, it was time to have a dinner to celebrate all of our May birthdays.  Pep's birthday is May 10th, Quinn's is May 11th, Kelly - May 19th, Max - May 28th and Zoie's is June 3rd.  On June 3rd, we had a big dinner at the farm, one big birthday cake and ice cream.  Quinn really liked his blocks.  He's quite the builder - may grow up to be an architect.

Then on June 4th, after the UPS truck delivered our Moda rush order so I could go teach (God bless Moda, every one), I got into a loaded van and headed for Iowa to teach Laurie Simpson's workshop for Heidi Keisand's quilt shop Hen and Chicks.  Polly Minick had sent out a "Help" email Wednesday after Laurie has gotten double pneumonia.  She still has it.  Prayers all around please.  And that's another blog.  I need to get permission before I show one of Polly's rugs.  I'm sure it's ok but it's always best to ask and she's on a plane on her way home.  So come back in the next couple, three days and I'll tell you about lots of nice people and Laurie's awesome quilt in Polly's equally awesome book American Summer.

Meanwhile our "Summer in a Basket" kit is on special for a wseek - until June 14th.  And if you'll look very closely at some of the flowers in Laurie's quilt you'll see the Minick/Simpson fabric that is the border for "Summer in a Basket".  :)

And Laurie, you take care and get better.


  1. I think you need a longer nap with all that you have been doing lately, lol.


  2. Already feeling better and thank you again for filling in. You're the best!

    1. You keep taking care of yourself. I did this whole pneumonia bit a few years ago and ended up in the hospital for a week.
      I had a great time filling in. Would have been more fun if you were there but I suppose that wouldn't have worked. :)