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Thursday, August 2, 2012

And today her friend brought her kids......:)

I'm having to fill the feeders at least twice a day and the wild birds are having to be "early birds" if they want any.

I took these pictures about noon yesterday and it was her second visit.  

This time she not only brought her friend but her friend's kids came too.

And yesterday morning we saw a whole flock of turkeys - adults and babies - go up the hill beside the house and into the tree line.  We've never seen wildlife this close to the house before.  I don't think there's much food out there for them.  It will be a hard winter. There aren't any crops out there this year. We've always provided cover for the wildlife by not clearing our fence rows but I think this year we'd better keep food out too.

And speaking of winter - our "Christmas is Coming" sale is in the pattern phase this week.

8 patterns (from Christmas 101 through Winter Star) are on the Featured Products page - Buy One, Get One Free (of equal or lesser value, yada, yada) Type the name of your free pattern in the Comments section.  And Free shipping in Continental US for all orders over $50.00 August 2nd - 8th.  Type in Promo Code "Frosty". 

Sorry this is short and sweet but my Fall pattern deadline is August 6th.  
Keep quilting ladies.


  1. They are so sweet, even if they can be a nuisance;)


  2. If you live in an area suffering from the drought, I'm sure your wild friends would love a supply of water (a child's little swimming pool works great).
    Keep on quilting and enjoying your wild friends

    1. Right now two of our three ponds are holding their own so they're fine. We had a lot of rain this spring. But that's a great idea for anyone without a good pond. Thanks. And I do enjoy them. My dad was a vet and we were raised to truly enjoy "all creatures, great and small". :)