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Saturday, September 15, 2012

We've been hopping all over the world .......

And back.  It was a fun trip with lots of great fabric and quilts to see.  No matter what kind of quilting you like, there was something for you.  And lots of great prizes to win.

So with no further ado - the winner of the collection of Mini Charms and book,  

a Fellowship Charm pack,

a Fellowship Turnover

and a set of all 7 of my Fellowship patterns
(to see the rest, click here)


(drum roll please)

Happy Birthday! Nice shops in your area, especially the antique shop.

Raedene, if you'll send your snail mail address (phone # too please) to  You should hear back from Tori Monday so if you don't please call us at 816-632-7632 between 10:00 & 2:00 CST.  And do remember off it rings and rings, we're here, just on the phone.

I loved reading all of your comments and thank you all for visiting and saying such nice things.  I wish you all could have won.


For those of you that didn't, I'll leave The Witch Is In and Pumpkins & Geese kits on sale all week.  The witch one is particularly appropriate in times like these.

Along with the kits we'll offer a Fat 1/4 Pack of the beloved homespuns on sale too.

And offer free shipping all week on orders over $25.00 if you type in the promo code "CONSOLATION".  


There - that should help a little.
Thanks again to all of you for your thoughtful comments.


  1. Hi Jan. I would like to order your Fat 1/4 Pack with the free shipping, but once goodie transfers me to Paypal the shipping costs are added back in. I've entered the code "consolation" and goodie removes the shipping cost, but as I said, it adds it back in when I try to make the payment through Payal. Could you please help me out with this? Is there something else I need to do??

    1. Tina, I'll try going to Paypal again and deleting AGAIN the shipping costs. I really do believe there are elves that live in the programs and have a bad hair day now and again.
      If we can't get it to work, email Tori at jpqinvoices, tell her what is happening and give her your phone # so she can call and get your info.

    2. Oh jan! I am doing the Happy Dance right now...whatever magic you did with Paypal worked!!! Thank you so very much - BIG HUG being sent your way!!

  2. Congratulations to the winner! Thank you for the sale, Jan! I love those fat quarters!!! I might have to buy some. :)

  3. You're so sweet to offer a consolation prize!! And I'm going to take you up on it! I had hoped to see you in Des Moines @ the AQS next month but didn't see you on the vendor list? So instead, I'll just place an order through your site ... I've been admiring from afar for just too long! Ha! Have a great weekend ...

  4. Congratulations to Raedene!
    The fat quarter bundle looks tempting, love working with homespuns.


  5. Congrats to Raedene! Gorgeous prizes! So much fun!

  6. Wow! Yes, they are gorgeous prizes. Thank you kindly!