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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

Let's hope that 13 is a lucky number for all of us.
Last year we didn't have any snow.  This year we had a very white Christmas.  By Christmas all of the cars were out of drifts and the roads were mostly passable.  

My sister Nancy and I had to run Jake and Zoie down to meet their father halfway Christmas Day as rear wheel drive pickups still couldn't maneuver well on our hills so Jake couldn't drive but front wheel drive did fine. 

This is Spike and his new little sister Honey.  As you can see, he's not exactly thrilled.  The blurred picture due to perpetual motion is a pretty accurate description of Honey.

Spike's a well behaved dog and while he only tolerated Honey at first, he plays with her now if he thinks no one is looking.  And he does like the fact that he can "borrow" her chewies.  Of course, if you give him one, he doesn't eat it but hers are delicious.  I always keep an extra on hand to give her when he takes hers.  He tries to chew his really close to her so he can get hers too but I won't let him do that.  I'm head dog around here and that's pushing the limits.  :)

The snow is great for snowboarding down the hill.  If you want a snowman, however, you need to content yourself with Grandma's "Snow Guys".  Cullen and Quinn tried really hard to get the snow to pack for a snowman but no dice.

They had a great time trying though.  
Happy New Year's ladies.  Keep stitching.


  1. The look on Spike's face is priceless, that is so cute with the new pup.
    I hope you have a very good New year, filled with many blessings.


  2. The new pup is so cute and Spike cracks me up. I am off to stitch something!! Happy Sew Year!

  3. Spike is so precious! I'm sure he secretly loves Honey, but with a name like Spike, the guy's gotta act tough and aloof you know!

  4. Oh all that snow! I'm very envious as there is no chance I'll ever have a white Christmas here (Australia) and would dearly love to have just one!

  5. Congratulations on the addition to the family.

  6. Honey is a cutie pie! Spike has that "i'm above this nonsense" look about him... but, we know he adores Honey... "when no one's looking".. lol! Crackin' me up!

  7. Hello. On Nov 10 I purchased the 3 Cabins pattern and paid $11.00 on Paypal. I still have not received this pattern. I have sent a few emails and there's no answer at the 816 number. What's up?
    Thank you,
    Jean Moyer
    64 Main Street
    Fallsington, PA. 19054

  8. I'm not sure what happened. I went up to our store and checked and the order was sent. So you must be a victim of our black hole syndrome. I'm sure if Tori got an email she would have replied. The no answer at the 816 number means we were on the phone when you called. Century Link did away with the busy signal so the phone just rings and rings. If we weren't there you would have gotten the answering machine.
    All of this is besides the point. I'll have Tori look at the comments tomorrow and mail you your pattern. I do apologize for our communication problems - mail and email. Comes from living out in the middle of nowhere. Hope you enjoy the pattern and do send me a picture of the quilt if you make it.