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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy Almost St. Patrick's Day

First we need to announce the winner of the Notions Blog drawing.  The random number generator chose Bonny who said that her favorite notion was:

My favorite notion is a Pilot Frixion erasable pen! These are great to use, just draw on and iron off - works like a charm when embroidering, or marking a quilting pattern on your quilt top. Just hit a warm iron to it and the marks come right off!

Wow!  I've never even heard of one.  I'll have to check with Moda and see if they carry them.  Bonny I sent you an email but just in case I'll tell you here to email Tori at and give her your shipping information.

Thanks to all of you who commented.  It was very interesting to hear about all the different notions that are our favorites.  Wish you all could have won.

And tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day.  If you're on our email list you've gotten notice of our St. Patrick's Day sale.

This is a picture of my brother Jim, my sister Nancy and I a few years ago - Lairds one and all.  Can you tell we're related?  Scotch-Irish, you know.

And in honor of my brother Jim as well as St. Patrick, we're having a St. Patrick's Day sale on the 17th.  17% off of everything in the store - one day only.  

We sent out an email but the promo code is for some reason in teeny, tiny letters at the top.  Kelly will try to get another email out today or tomorrow.  

Anyway, be sure to use the Promo code PADDY.  

Happy shopping and Happy quilting.

Spring is only a few short days away.


  1. I have heard of a few people who have used them, some like them and others say the color comes back.


  2. I've had my FriXion pens since last Sept. You can find them at Target in their Stationary Dept. They're in a set of 3, blue, black,and red. I love them. My colors have not come back.