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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beautiful weather, stupendous grandchildren and a couple of really neat quilts

What a great start to Fall.  
It officially was Fall on September 22nd but the weather didn't get around to changing until this week. 
Days in the 70's - just right for walks down to the treeline and back.  And then cool nights so it's crisp when I open the door to let the dogs out each morning. 

Cullen and Quinn were up last weekend and made us some great Pumpkin cupcakes.  Usually we cook from scratch but I'm a sucker for saying yes when they find a mix at the store.

I must admit the pictures on the box made the cupcakes look almost as good as they were.
After gathering the eggs they got to work.  Pops ran the big mixer but they pretty well did everything else except the oven part.  

Gabriel didn't get here in time to help make the cupcakes but he and Pops had a good time eating them and reading the big dinosaur book
and carving the pumpkins (I forgot my camera - aargh!)
Oh well, Brooke and Lilly weren't there and Jake and Zoie will come over and we'll all carve pumpkins.  I'd better remember my camera for that!

This guys all ready for Fall - and Sunflowers and Scarecrows is on special this week.  You can get a kit by clicking here.

And with the holidays looming you might want to get started on our Snow Friend Wallhanging, 32" x 48".

I'd better get off of the computer and get back to getting things ready for Market.  
Keep quilting ladies.


  1. Always fun to spend time with the grandkids. Mine is at the stage where is he laughing and likes me to be goofy with him, so fun that he can interact with me now.


    1. I know - they're sooo much fun - tiring but fun.

  2. where o where is that quilt you did a few years back where each block was a little scene? i think it was the one right before the flower april or march was a bunny w a giant carrot....i am still kicking myself for not doing that one!! pattern or book soon?!


    1. BOM pattern with the next fabric line. The pattern will be available probably by spring - the kit will come out with the fabric line next fall. Thanks for asking. It was a fun one.

  3. Nothing better than time with grandchildren. My older 3 are teenagers now, so am still enjoying fun times with our youngest granddaughter who is only 2.
    Your holiday quilts are so darned cute!!

  4. Which book would I find your pattern "Gatherings"? I made the quilt a while back with the fabric line "Blessings" and I would love to do it again but I cannot put my hand on the pattern. Thanks

  5. When do the Mystery quilt blocks get mailed out? I see that you are showing October's block but I still have not gotten Septembers block. I paid for the September block on Sep 12th and I got your October block invoice last week and paid it. Thanks alot.

  6. Jan, I need to talk to someone about my mystery quilt mailings. I haven't gotten August or September and have the invoice for October. No one has answered my emails or phone calls. Please help!