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Monday, December 1, 2014

On His Way -

This is my grandson Cullen (really Justin Cullen Riley Patek - but we just call him Cullen)

and this is the Santa he made for us a couple of years ago.

And this is the Santa's Tree Farm Quilt I made this year.

  It's 44" x 68" and just fits on the back of my chair.

This is "On His Way", our latest Table Stand Mini Quilt.  
I know we're pushing two together but we're trying to catch up and he is "On His Way".
Whew - it's almost upon us.

To back up just a little, this is Traditional Turkey and we have a tutorial that covers both it and Flock Party below.
You can see the tutorial by clicking here
and buy any of the kits or patterns by clicking here

Usually we give 15% off the patterns and kits the day we release the tutorial.
BUT we have gotten behind a bit and it is Cyber Monday so we'll catch up and even jump a little ahead by having 15% off all of these kits and patterns today only.

And we'll throw in a set of my Angel cards with each order today.

Have a great week ladies.


  1. I just recently read your blog again, after being burned. I'm sorry things went bad with your manager. I swore I was never going to read your blog again or ever purchase anything from you. Last summer, you had this big sale and I ordered several things. I got some items, but never received the rest and no refund or explanation. After over three weeks of me trying to contact you, with comments on your blog, emails and phone calls, WITH NO RESPONSE, I was frustrated. Finally I got an email and refund for the items I didn't get. But no postage refund. Well, at least I got partial refund.
    Hopefully things are going better for you now.
    Just one question, why didn't you answer the phone?

    1. Scarlett, Apparently we found out recently, you were not alone. She just lied to me a lot - and to everyone else.
      And we do answer the phone - not today because Tara is having abscessed teeth pulled - but normally. Just not normal hours. The best time to call is afternoon now because she has 2 jobs. But we do return calls now and even answer emails. Sheesh.
      Do you have any idea how much the postage was? Maybe we can refund it or send you something instead.

  2. I really love Cullin's santa and how you made it into a quilt, that makes it much more special.


  3. I feel better already,since you replied to me. No problem.
    Thanks, I love your designs..

  4. His work is very beautiful, I love the colors , themes , fabrics and develops his work as .. Not to mention that primitive trend that I like ..
    Very pretty ..
    Hug , Mariace