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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Football & Snow, snow, snow

This is Brian Jr, our oldest son Brian's oldest son.

Brian Jr. has been an avid Patriots fan for years.  His dad tries to take him to at least one Patriots game each year and quite often they have to travel a ways to see it since we all live in Mo.

This is one block of a full-sized quilt I made for him using a pattern from Barbara Brackman's Sports book.
It really turned out well with sashing and corner blocks of the appropriate colors.  I can't find the picture of the whole quilt but you get the idea. 
And while Alex Smith of the Kansas City Chiefs is our favorite Quarterback, Tom Brady is a close second.
We were quite happy with the outcome of the Superbowl. :)

That was on Sunday.  
This is what we awakened to Monday morning.  School was closed and the girls couldn't get here.  

And then it happened again Wednesday.  - No school - snow covered country roads.
Needless to say we're two days behind on shipping out orders.
And I'm going to have to buy a new answering machine for the office - one that we'll have a manual for.  We can't figure out how to change the message.  Kelly did it once lately but can't remember how again.

I much prefer snow in quilts by now.

This is "Starry Night" our latest wallhanging kit and you can buy it by clicking here or on the name.

And, speaking of snow, this is the first block of Winter Solstice, this years Mystery Quilt.  You can sign up for it by calling Tammie at 816-632-7632.  Each block will be $28.50 and that includes shipping.   I kind of like the snow here.  
I think the camera was so cold that it fogged over when I went into the loft to take the picture.  The block isn't foggy. :)

As soon as I finish the binding on Fall Festival, we'll post a picture of the finished quilt. 

Meanwhile, stay warm ladies and keep quilting.


  1. That is a fun block and quilt for your grandson.
    We got more snow today and heavy for a little while, but now it is sunny, so not too bad.


  2. Look up the instruction manual for the answering machine online.